5 Things You Need To Remember If You Want To Crush It This Year

I grew up hearing the same hackneyed phrases you did: “Everything happens for a reason,” “The cards will fall into place eventually,” and “Things will work out the way they’re meant to” are just a few of the slogans many people govern their lives by. Call it the result of humans innately being creatures of habit, but we’ve all clung to these beliefs at one point or another because they feel like home. Most regard these general beliefs as wholesome ones; they find a sense of comfort knowing that somehow, someway, everything will work out. The little-known problem with these beliefs is that people become so consumed with instilling their faith in them that they lose faith in themselves.

My life changed when I surrendered my previous beliefs and took matters into my own hands. After countless research about the Law of Attraction and reading various books on the topic (such as The Secret and Notes From the Universe), it hit me that if I wanted to see changes within my own life, I had to make them myself–with little to no divine intervention save for that from the Universe. These days, I no longer a victim of circumstance, because I know in my heart that I am powerfully creating my future. Want to rock your own world instead of throwing caution to the wind? The following are some handy tips:

  1. Don’t accept your current circumstances if you’re unhappy with them. We are conditioned to believe that good things take time and that certain parts of life are supposed to be miserable, because that’s how we “learn.” Know with every fiber of your being that anything–yes, anything–can change. It does not have to take a certain amount of time; you do not have to suffer or walk through hell to gain strength. Set goals, visualize how you’ll feel once you obtain whatever it is that you want, then believe it is possible.
  2. Believe in your own sauce. That’s f*cking right, and this goes beyond merely feeling confident. Believe that you’re not only worth it as a person, but that you’re deserving of every wonderful thing, and deserving and capable of manifesting it all. When you treat yourself well, you’re willing others into your life who will treat you well. You must embody the spirit of anything you want to attract, and that includes being your own best advocate and friend. Speak sweetly to yourself, and only entertain others who regard you in the same light. Also, it doesn’t hurt to believe that there is always something wonderful for you lurking right around the corner.
  3. Keep your goals nearby and refer to them often. Physically writing out your desires is a powerful manifestation tool. If you want to attract a certain person, write down the qualities you want in a partner, and try to adhere as closely to them in your own life as possible. Want a specific job that pays a heftier salary than your current role? Write it down, and be precise. You are capable of willing the things you want into your life, so long as you believe you are. Set clear intentions for a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow, but never negate all the goodness you already know and love.
  4. Develop a shield to feelings of lack. You must not ever feel like you need something, because that signifies lack in your current situation. You must remain humble and grateful for all of your current blessings if you wish to manifest more. Realize the power of thankfulness and revert to it often, for you’re only standing in your own way if you feel “without” anything. Combat feelings of lack with positive affirmations, but always simultaneously keep your eyes on the prize.
  5. Remain open to endless possibilities. Do not feign small defeats, and do not let bitterness, anger, or contempt harden you. At all times, it is your obligation to generate feelings of content and ease. The Universe is an orchestra that can play any song you want as long as you remain open to its song. If things go off course in your life than you originally bargained for, just know that all things are working in your favor because you demand them to. Don’t get discouraged, remain focused, and know that anything that you “lose” or that is “taken away” from you will only serve your benefit in the near future.

The realization that you literally have everything within you can be daunting, but once you utilize your power, your life will begin to shift. Be impenetrable to negativity, continue putting in work to feel and do better, and don’t be so quick to surrender your power to happenstance. When all else fails, listen to Drake: know yourself, know your worth.

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