What You Didn’t Know About The Pisces In Your Life

Ah… Pisces. The twelfth astrological sign. Some of the most creative people are born during this time! Fellow Pisces include: Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Steve Jobs, and Justin Bieber. Every single one of these people are creative in their own way, and most have created an empire from that creativity. Now, I am not saying every Pisces is a millionaire but I am saying your creativity could take you far if you use your potential.

Other than creativity, Pisces tend to be artistic, musical, and gentle. These are amazing characteristics to have. The world needs more people with artistic and musical talents to help give us an escape from all the negativity that surrounds us. Being gentle allows you to handle sensitive situations with ease and be a good friend to those around you.

Pisces are also wise, compassionate, and intuitive. Trust your first instinct because it is probably right. I bet you are told all the time that you are wise and give good advice. Compassion makes you a great person to go to when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on. All of these traits are great qualities that almost anyone would want in a friend or a partner.

Unfortunately, Pisces tend to be fearful and over trusting. Over-trusting makes them vulnerable to a lot of drama because they are willing to trust anyone with their secrets. I would be fearful too if I was over trusting. They also tend to be the victim which is another unfortunate side effect of being overly trusting.

The desire to escape reality is also strong with Pisces. This is probably why Pisces tend to be artists and musicians. Art and music definitely bring you to another world.

Regardless, Pisces are wonderful people to know. They have all the traits you could possibly want in a partner and friend wrapped in one. Their kindness and gentleness makes them great to do life with. So next time you are looking for someone to be with, go to Facebook and find all your Pisces friends. You won’t regret it.  

Feature via Pexels


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