Why You Should Never Be Discouraged To Do What You Love

As a writer who has dreams to become successful in the world of journalism and communications, I often hear people question my career goals. A lot of the time people feel the need to tell me how there are not a lot of jobs in my field, how communications is a very difficult field to get into, or that I will never make a lot of money. However, these people don’t understand that although it may be difficult to get into the communications field, or even though I may not start with an excellent salary, I am doing what I love. Out of everything else I could be doing, writing is what I love, so that is why I will continue to do it above all else.

Sometimes people forget to just do the things that make them happy.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we can get lost in mass consumption and money becomes the only thing important in our lives. Because of this, we often forget to do what makes us happy, and then we end up doing something we don’t enjoy just to have some cash. We need to learn to ask ourselves, am I satisfied with what I am doing?

Sure, it may be scary to devote ourselves to a path that we aren’t even sure will work out for us in the end, but we have to remind ourselves that as long as we are doing what we love, we will find a way to make things work. Whether this means living on a budget or working with a paltry salary, at least we are working toward a goal that is enjoyable and one that we love. So no matter what the consequences of doing what I love is, at least I know that I am happy with my career and won’t hate my work.

I knew when I got into writing that to make a career out of it wouldn’t be easy. I knew it came with its own set of risks like any other job. Honestly, I didn’t expect to become rich and famous, and maybe it’s cliche, but I just wanted to share my stories with the world. To help and to teach through literature with a mere hope that maybe what I wrote, what my voice couldn’t say, but my fingers could type. I wanted to connect with readers and open discussions between people.

As I ventured down this path a little more alone than I thought I would be, I at least found comfort in the pages upon pages of words I created. I knew one day these words would reach out to someone else and that was worth it, what kept me going. The obstacles I faced I believed I could conquer because I believed in myself and what I wanted to do. I learned and grew through the trials that this career path offered. I’ve faced dozens of rejections not only through publishers and agents but through members of society and even those I care for.

However, because of those bad moments, I can embrace the good ones. I’ve joined companies I’m proud to work for and written articles on topics that matter to me. I’m grateful I had to fight to get where I am today because it reminded me of how much this job means to me. It’s allowed me to achieve things I only dreamed off.

Doing what I love isn’t without challenge, but I won’t waste this chance to do what I love. I’ll fight, I’ll fail, and I’ll always give my all to my job. Everything that has happened along the way and everything that will is only a reminder that I’m doing what I love. There’s no goal more important to me than writing. Because writing has allowed me to help make the world better today, and inspire change for tomorrow. I can’t ever give that up.

Collaboration with Ky Gabrowski

Feature image via Jason Blackeye on Unsplash


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