Reflect And Learn: A Letter To America In 2018

Dear America,

2018 is almost here? Amazing right? This isn’t going to be political, I promise. I am just bringing up the fact that a New Year may bring some amazing opportunities, new stories and amazing memories. There is always room for  hope when welcoming the New Year.

We can have a fresh start.

It’s time to learn how to do a few things, like love each other. I am not asking for world peace, because we are nowhere near that. Learning how to love each other can be done simple by doing a nice task for someone else, volunteering in your society, realizing that just because something bad is not happening to you, doesn’t mean that something bad is not happening to someone else. Learning patience, love and just genuinely being a good person can be the beginning steps Americans need to get on the right track.

It might seem crazy, but it’s true: there is not enough love in the world. There can never be too much love in this world. Reach out to others that need help though, and offer it. There is no reason why we have veterans on the streets, children going hungry or entire cities without clean water. We are considered a first world country for a reason, but what good is that if a large portion of our society is suffering in silence? It’s time to help.

Volunteering, donating, or just giving help when it’s asked for is the greatest ways to make a huge difference in your community. Even if it just a small portion of your time, money or resources, it WILL butterfly into a major impact in someone’s life.

Oh, and stop jumping to conclusions too. Just because someone is poor, does not mean they did not work their entire life. Just because someone is paying with food stamps, does that mean they are leeching off of valuable government resources. The large majority of people using social security, food stamps, medicaid, and other government programs are doing so because they have to. Not because they want too.

Honestly though, I would much rather have someone feeding their child with food stamps, with my tax money, versus that same child starving because their parent’s may or may not have the money to feed them.

So take the time, and either know the situation entirely or don’t make an opinion on it at all. SNAP JUDGEMENTS ARE NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE. EVER. SO STOP.

So as we enter this New Year, be grateful for what you have, and give to those who do not have what you have. I am not saying to give your entire life savings to the poor. Just give when you can, whether it’s time, money or resources.

Here is to a New Year, filled with 365 days of hope, opportunities, and love.

Forever yours,

A millennial that is sick of bullshit.

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash


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