8 Clever Ways To Ditch A Disastrous Date

Dating is all fun and games until you’re on a date from hell looking for a way — any way — out. You know the ones. The date starts out OK but gradually gets awkward, weird, or just flat-out bad. Then there’s that date that was bad from the jump.

Maybe your date doesn’t look like their profile picture, they are just straight-up boring, and the conversation is completely forced. But, of course, being the nice person you are, you don’t want to bail on your date and or seem like you’re not enjoying their company, but you win some, you lose some.

If you truly can’t stick it out for another minute, it’s OK. We all have our limits. 

If you think about climbing out the bathroom window or faking an emergency on a date, listen up. Dates don’t have to be disastrous, but we’re here to help if yours is.

Here are eight ways to avoid, deal with, and get out of a date from hell with your dignity.

Before the date.

1. Meet in a public place.

It’s a good idea to meet in a public place. For one, it will keep you safe if your date tries anything with you that you are not comfortable with, and it also gives you a peaceful mindset knowing that you have people around that can see what you are experiencing first-hand.

When you’re just trying to make it through the date.

2. Call your BFF.

Your best friend is your lifeline on dates from hell. You can trust them; they will always know how to get you out of tricky situations and be willing to go the extra mile to help you. So take a little bathroom break and phone a friend. When your BFF saves the day, don’t forget that you owe them a favor!

3. Try to spice up the conversation. 

If the conversation has turned sour, try to change the subject to something that is more lighthearted and fun that you guys can mutually agree on. Having the topic of conversation changed may turn around and save the date (or at least make it bearable).

4. Confront your date about their behavior.

So your date is being rude and isn’t getting the hint. What do you do? If you’re intent on continuing the date, face the problem head-on and confront them with the truth. The truth may hurt, but it may set you free in the end. You deserve to be respected, and if your date isn’t making you feel comfortable, you need to speak up.

5. Ask a lot of questions.

Maybe you started out on the wrong foot. Focus on getting to know your date and make an effort to get along, even if you know there won’t be a second date. Ask many genuine questions to see if you want to further the conversation and better understand who you are dealing with. This will also help you gauge whether or not your date is being honest with you.

When you need an escape route.

6. Make up an excuse to leave.

You don’t have to put up with a date if you don’t want to. If you can’t take it anymore, just leave. It’s important to be polite and leave on good terms, so calmly make up an excuse and get going. You will be saving your time and money by getting out of there — and quick

7. Fake Sick

No one will stop you from excusing yourself if you are sick. Blowing chunks or fainting on a dime is not what your date wants to experience. Faking sick is the perfect excuse to ditch a meeting that is just not panning out.

8. Pretend to make a phone call that excuses you

All hail cell phones. If your date is going horrid, pick up that phone and pretend you are talking to a friend that needs you to do something for them, or there is an unexpected issue you need to attend to ASAP. Your dating partner probably won’t question your faux emergency (unless it’s very obvious you’re lying). Don’t make your story too crazy; just urgent enough that you clearly have to go. Phones are not just handy for making phone calls — they can be convenient for faking it as well!

Originally written by Njeri Dean on YourTango

Featured image via Andie Venzl on Pexels


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