Why Sexting Should Not Be Considered One Of The Bases

I love sex and I love talking about it. What’s so wrong with sexting? It’s a modern prelude to foreplay, however it shouldn’t spoil the deed. Talking about sex is sometimes taboo, which makes it that much more interesting. It’s refreshing when someone isn’t embarrassed or too uptight to talk about the nitty gritty details of sex.

This is especially exciting when you first start dating someone new. Sex with that new person is like traveling to a new city that you haven’t visited, let alone, explored. You’re a tourist: there’s back alleys, and hidden gems underground that aren’t advertised. So when the topic of sex is first brought up, your nether-lands tingle a little bit, your excitement goes up and the anticipation grows.

At first you might just tease about the idea; hinting at the fun your future selves are gonna have. Sexual innuendos are often sent through text about what you’d do to them if you had the chance right at that moment. But then, the adventure is interrupted and sexting becomes an inquiry.

Suddenly, the golden question of what you like and what you dislike about sex is brought up. This question is loaded and the concern is: should this question be asked?

The answer is no, find out for yourself!

Let’s face it: it’s a lot more exciting when someone just does something you like without your guidance. Isn’t it that much more arousing? Doesn’t this question just spoil the adventure? Exploring is the whole point. We aren’t amazed at the roads that take us to the tourist areas. We envy adventurers because they had the guts to risk taking the high road—the path less traveled. Answering the question about your preferences takes away the unknown— mind you, it’s different when you’re communicating after you’ve been with somebody for quite some time— but I’m talking about the beginning of a relationship. You don’t want to follow the path most traveled, you want to discover and make your own mark. You want the adventure, don’t you?

Sure, sext away. But don’t give away the blueprint to the city, and don’t ask for it either! Just keep walking, explore on your own, make your own turns because you might end up in a place that hasn’t even been discovered.

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you don’t say.

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