Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Responds To The Domestic & Child Abuse Allegations

I’ve been a fan of the entire Teen Mom franchise since the 16 and Pregnant days, and I’ve witnessed the fair share of drama, tears, laughter, and milestones. And while I’ve loved almost everyone on the show, it’s evident that I’ve never liked Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.

I’ve seen her abandon her son for parties, favor heroin, and unhealthy relationships over her son, have other children (and an abortion) before beginning to fight for custody of her 1st child, abuse and assault her mother, kidnap her child she doesn’t have guardianship over from her mother, and endure endless legal troubles.

After October 9ths episode of Teen Mom 2 aired the Twitter world exploded after the very alarming issues Jenelle Evans was experiencing. She even deleted her Twitter account hours before the show, knowing she would receive tons of backlash.

It all started when her fiancée (now husband) David Eason, 29, kicked out the MTV camera crew after having an argument with Evans, then acted as if nothing happened when the crew came back the next day. All it took was one look from David to Jenelle that warned her not to say anything (or a look of shock she told the producer), and you could see the worry on her face.

They have had plenty of fights as a couple, we’ve seen he has as hot as a temper as hers.

Plus have you ever noticed Jenelle always holding their shared daughter when he’s mad? Or that Jenelle has calmed down when it comes to their arguments instead of firing back at him like she used to?

Then we saw the couple trying to take their engagement photos while Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 3, screaming to be fed, visibly upset, and touching the camera. David rushed over and aggressively yanked on the toddler and forced him away. This is after they were swearing at the kid for being curious.

You can watch the disturbing video here: 

After the show aired, even her costar’s were shocked and disgusted by the couples behaviors and lack of parenting towards their child. Kailyn and Chelsea voiced their disappointment and horror towards the situation. But the fans started going over other alarming things from the past season, among others, that are drawing concern.


We’ve seen David (in particular) get verbally and slightly physically abusive towards Kaiser before, and it’s a wonder how child services haven’t gotten involved, even in the first episode of the season. He already doesn’t have the rights to see his son because of abuse charges. All children need to leave that home!

Then this brings me to Jace. The poor child is better with his grandmother, Barbara. Poor Jace has been tossed around because of her and her decisions. It’s pathetic that Jenelle really thinks Jace wants to be in her home. She’s chosen a lot of things before making efforts to gain him back and is now married to a man he fears. And what is she doing about it? Forcing the poor kid to go to therapy with the monster he’s fearful of, and struggling to see why her son doesn’t want to be there. He defends his grandmother to her all the time and all she does is bash her own mom.

And how can Jenelle be so upset with her mother? Jace living with Barbara has been the best decision for her son. She doesn’t deserve custody. And I believe the innocent child’s claims of neglect and abuse that occurs in that household. Kids don’t lie. Heck, Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, 9 months, was even born with weed in her system. That right there is alarming on its own.

She then went on to bash MTV and stick up for her new husband, also making the decision she may (finally) leave the series. It’s really interesting how she failed to mention anything about the incident involving abuse and neglect during the photography scene. But, whatever Jenelle can do to show it’s just about her and her man, right? She thinks she’s as innocent as can be.


She can blame MTV all she wants for “ruining” her life, but you know she loves the paycheck. And if producers are showing it all, then why didn’t they show when her baby tested positive for drugs at birth? I’m almost positive the reason she wants to quit the show is so that they can’t document anything that can be held against her in court. Because she will (and I hope) she loses both of her children. Because the events we’ve been witnessing are disgusting and I could only imagine what happens behind closed doors when she doesn’t have to pretend her family is perfect.

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  1. You rock. Thank you for telling the way it is happening. Poor Kaiser he doesn’t deserve to be treated with this abuse. No child should!

  2. I too have been around since the beginning of this circus and have loathed Jenelle since day one. She’s always been pure sociopathic garbage. The thing is, she really met her match, soulmate if you will, with David. You reap what you sow and this steaming pile of shit finally got her karma in the form of David Eason. He is a mosnter to rival her own demonic self. What’s horrifying is there are three sweet innocent kids whose very lives are at stake! Maryssa already shows significant signs of growing up in a toxic, abusive, and unstable home. Jace is a hot mess anytime he’s exposed to Satan and Satan’s wife. Kaiser, well….that child is the one in the most danger imo. David sees Nathan every time he looks at Kai and that adds to his rage. Kaiser is definitely being verbally, emotionally, and physically abused. Jenelle knows it and allows it go on so she is as just as culpable as David. I hope Nathan’s mom can get Kaiser away. Idk what will happen to Maryssa. Her own mom is a pos and useless. As for Ensley, I think she’s probably the safest from physical harm. She just sits in a car seat (her head shape is terrifying) or a crib unless needed for a social media pic. She’s very vacant looking. She never looks engaged or stimulated. Jenelle and David shouldn’t be able to possess animals or children. They are both abusive, sociopathic garbage. MTV is absolutely disgusting for paying Jenelle all these years all the while knowing Jenelle is a druggie sociopath that abuses and neglects her kids. Kristen (dumpster fire producer), photographers, etc. are allllllll complicit in those kids abuse.

  3. These producers need to stop kissing these two psycho’s butts and air the unseen footage that the grandma’s can use to protect the grandkids.

    • Agreed. On all counts. How about during one of those “Unseen Moment” specials even?? These poor excuse for “parents” need to be exposed. All of it. Their disposal of pets, the emotional side of the abuse to the physical side of the abuse. Everything. Someone needs to save those kids and pets! Before it’s too late. As I fear it already is for their recent dog Pumpkin.. and the multitude of other pets. There’s so much I can say about this NonMom and her shit husband but this article and the replies I’ve read so far say it all. So glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way!

  4. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for your feedback! I do have to say though, when they kidnapped Jace from Barbara at the reunion last season they were the one’s who called 911. So I’m sure in some sense they are concerned, obviously, and know more than what the public will ever know. The whole situation is scary!

    • Barbara was the one who asked them to call the police though. Maybe because Babs has known all along that David is evil, Jace is afraid of him AND that Jenelle wasn’t allowed to just take him without informing her first. As said by the courts. Hopefully this whole scenario was MTVs way of saying “No, we won’t tolerate this anymore either.” It IS a reality show after all.. and like Morgan said in his reply message to Jenelle – we only film what we’re given and you do this time and time again.. (scary in itself really..)

      • Hi Rach,

        Thank you for your feedback! I think MTV was held slightly responsible for calling the authorities mainly because it was on their property and they had proof she took Jace so they needed to be the one’s to do it to keep hold of the situation for everyone (especially Jace’s) safety. I do believe that what happens on camera is true because it’s true, they use what they can get and when they get locked out of things or kicked out of the house they can’t expect to get the best footage. You definitely get what you give in this industry.

  5. I am so glad my life isn’t aired on MTV for everyone to get their own idea of all day everyday life is like. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. We see one hour minus commercials of these girls lives a week. It’s television and who knows what’s edited in and out of the truth. Jenelle at one time was my least favorite teen mom. Now she is one of my favorite. A lot of you judge her from her teenage life and how many of you would air that all out for the world to see? She’s a human being! A mother! Those kids are all taken care of. Including in a lot of eyes “the abused” one. Seriously he yelled at this “poor baby” and disciplined a little and way these headlines show for all the gossipers, people who don’t watch would think these kids are getting hit with switches or burned with hot flames. SMH it’s crazy that everyone assumes to know everything! Anyone grow up with janelle, her husband or any of the cast. Lighten up people! The kids are fine and honestly, a lot are bratty and deserve more disciplined. Btw, Janelle is one of my favorites now. I’m proud of her. How many people in today’s society can get off heroin? Barb can be nuts too. Reasons for everything and pretty sure the kids aren’t gonna be aired for the world to see being abused! Storylines people..

    • Hi Angie,

      Thanks for your feedback! I definitely agree with the fact she has really improved and grown from her past and I am thrilled to see her moving on from her partying ways. However I do see the way she handles some of the scenarios wrong with her children. We’ve seen her multiple times swear at her children while yelling at them without taking much further action. It’s always left for David to intervene, and I do believe he is far too rough to be handling a three year old the way he does. From the first episode of the season you could tell he was a lot more “hands on” with Kaiser in particular. Even with Ensley, you never see Jenelle interact with her on her social media unless it’s to hold her for an Instagram. Her snapchat videos and other posts always have Ensley sitting in a chair without being spoken to much or with toys, and not being stimulated like Watson is (for example, since he’s close in age with her). Again, I definitely admire her improvement, but I do think David is causing her to fall back into an old pattern and creating a new world of problems. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but I could only imagine.

      • I don’t wanna know what goes on behind closed doors if they act/are this way IN FRONT OF CAMERAS!!! The look in those kids eyes speaks volumes. What does “nose in the corner” really mean?? If it was simple just a time-out, there’s no way a child would freak and look that terrified about that “discipline”, surely? I have 3 kids of my own and I’d be devastated if any of them looked like that – whether at me OR my partner. And who says Jenelle has stopped drugs? Heroin even? A lot of people say that she’s still using. The way she acts, how her pupils react etc say she’s doing more than “just” weed. She hasn’t changed at all. She’s just as bad.. but unfortunately there’s just more innocent children and different pets thrown in the mess now.
        Anyway, funny how all JE “fans” spell her name wrong.. do you even watch the show? Follow her on any SM? It’s amusing to me tbh.
        In all honesty – between this swamp rat and that other NonMom from TMOG (you know, the attention whore aka Farrah) they should both be fired. Any other boss would have fired their arses aaaaages ago. Try and find jobs that a) hire you or b) pay you as well when you’re all FELONS. Smfh…

    • Angie, are you for real? I’m assuming you are too young to realize what parenting is about. The reason we know ALL about Jenelle’s pathetic life is not from the 1 hr of tv per week! It’s because she puts EVERYTHING she does and feels on social media. “Tweeting” in anger at 4.00 a.m. is not what real mothers do. Laying in bed all day on her phone (from David’s mouth) is not parenting. She needs help and so do you if you think that this is a safe place for kids to live. They are all terrified of David and they don’t need to say it. It’s written all over their little faces. Testing positive for THC (both and the baby) right after childbirth should tell you all you need to know about how much they care for their kids. She can’t quit the drugs for anyone and didn’t even attract to during pregnancy. That’s disgusting. No one is judging her on “teen behaviour” which is what her “fans” always fall back on. Shes being judged on 2017 behaviour in 2017. Picking men over the safety of your kids is not what mothers do. If someone handled my child the way David handles Kaiser, there wouldn’t be a next time.i would get in between them if it cost me my life and if it didn’t, I’d be gone quicker than you can say “psychotic”. Grow up.

  6. JE Non Mom, I noticed the name thing too! The times I see it everywhere from fans is unbelievable. I agree with your assessment of the likelihood of this bunch getting real jobs is 0. On your “get rid of” list for outrageous behaviour, can we add Kailyn? 6 pregnancies by age 25? What a role model. Not to mention having the newest sperm donor stay over while she has an 8 month old infant is beyond irresponsible. Especially as she’s banned the dad from seeing him. That’s how she rolls: reel them in with sex, get knocked up and then hate their guts. Isaac and Lincoln should not have to witness wore behaviour from their mother. The fathers should file for sole custody for the boys’ safety. Any bets on how long it will be before she’s knocked up again? Hope that new guy used a condom!

  7. I am not a fan of Janelle but it seems like she is now a victim of domestic violence, that whole fighting thing “not happening” was weird and laced with” I am going to beat you if you say anything undertones”.

    I do have a question: What does David do for a living?

    Also is MTV complicit in this situation for the children?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for your feedback! In regards to your question I believe David does something in the lines of construction or other trades, but I am unsure.

      In terms of MTV that’s a tough call, obviously we are unsure of their contracts with the cast. At times you can see when they got involved with the law for the safety of the children, such as when Jenelle and David kidnapped Jace from Babs. MTV Producers made the call to police, but it’s unsure as to if that’s mandatory to do in those situations or if it was because he was taken off of MTV’s property or involved in one of their shoots. On the other hand they knew Jenelle, David and Ensley all tested positive for drugs when she was born and MTV has chosen not to include that in the storyline, so they are protecting her. Honestly I am so unsure about the whole thing and I hope for the childrens sakes that positive actions are taken for their protection and safety.


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