22 Hilarious Thoughts You Have When You’re High AF

Whether you’ve tried pot once, or you’re a professional at ripping the bong, there is one thing about marijuana that is absolutely true; it can change the way you think forever.

I’m not saying that in a bad way either. Everyone’s experience with marijuana is special in many ways. One day, you’ll smoke a joint and it’s like you’re not even high. Sometimes, you hit the bong so hard that you feel like everyone is judging you with their laser beam eyes because you’re that high. Each high is different, but we can all agree that you come to some serious realizations about yourself and the world around you.

*Hits blunt* let the epiphanies and realizations begin. Here are 22 thoughts you have when you’re high AF:

Cat In Space Gif

  1. Yeah, hasn’t hit me yet. I don’t think it’s working. *takes one more hit*
  2. Okay, wow, hi. Yeah my eyes are starting to get heavy. hehehehe
  3. I should watch something funny. Workaholics? YES!
  4. Wait, do we have candy? Or like, chips? I need that before I lay down on the couch forever.
    Crush Gif
  5. Oh no, I still have homework to do. Eh, I’ll do it later tonight.
  6. I’ll make a to-do list so then I won’t forget to do it later. Such a good idea.
  7. You know else is great? Finding Nemo. Such a beautiful story line.
  8. Wait, what about macaroni and cheese? That sounds BOMB rn.
  9. I wonder if anyone knows I’m high.
  10. Why does Taco Bell always sound good? There has to be something in that shit that makes me crave it. 
  11. I’m gonna look up dolphin videos on YouTube. They’re so majestic. *watches videos for twenty minutes*
  12. Oh my god I forgot about Cosmos on Netflix! I’m gonna watch that.
  13. I totally understand the universe, man. It’s like the stars are speaking to me.
  14. How many universes are actually out there? What if other beings are doing the same thing as me and they’re wondering if there’s anyone out there like them?
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  15. Wait, I need ice cream. Half baked Ben & Jerry’s? See what I did there?
  16. This ice cream is everything right now.
  17. Who needs a significant other when ice cream satisfies just as much?
  18. *Checks instagram* *Sees ‘Damn Daniel’ video* oh my god what is this video and why is this famous?!
  19. DAMN DANIEL, you are so cute!
  20. Damn Daniel, you’re 15?!?! Why weren’t boys this cute when I was 15?
  21. How long is this high going to last? I feel like it’s been FOREVER. Maybe I should just sleep it off.
  22. God, this bed is so damn cozy. It’s like a cloud. Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, stars. ZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz

Bed Gif 2

Sure, some of your high realizations might be weird, or even freakishly true, but they can be extremely vital someday (Steve Jobs got high every week, so can we thank his high ideas for our beloved iPhones?). Or maybe you’ll just simply remember how high you got by yourself when you find a bunch of Cheez-Its leftover in your bed.  

Featured image via Raul Miranda on Unsplash



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