6 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Actually Cute Around The Holidays

It that time of the year again! School gets out and the Ugly Christmas Sweater Partyinvitations come in. These parties give us a fun excuse to dress up with friends, drink some eggnog, and see who bought the world’s most unappealing sweater. This is a funny and exciting time of the year that deserves more recognition than it gets, and although I wish we could wear ugly sweaters year round, this is the only season that it seems to be socially acceptable. Whether you borrow a sweater from your mom, buy one yourself, or go out on a limb and make your own, there’s no going wrong. I think we can all agree these sweaters are one of the greatest trends of this generation, and here are some of the best ones weve seen for sale this season. (Try not to buy them all!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.06.28 PMTarget has recently come out with an ugly sweater clothing line called, “The Sweater Shop” that has exceeded all of our ugly sweater expectations. A two person ugly sweater for only $20? That’s $10 a head! This sweater is destined to be one of the ugliest this winter. Not only does the sweater have room for two people, but it is also covered in gingerbread men and unicorns. This hilarious sweater has brought us to a whole new level of ugly sweaters with its unique build and interesting designs. This sweater is also perfect for some quality bonding with your significant other, or one of your close friends at any party, you’ll be inseparable. You can buy it here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.14.05 PM

Rusty Zipper is the perfect website to fulfill all of your ugly Christmas attire needs. The sweaters on this website are up cycled which makes them a lot cheaper to purchase, they also have many forms of clothing ranging from light up sweaters to awkward Christmas cardigans. Sweaters are typically $20. However, if youre not a fan of ugly sweaters this website also offers some cheesy alternatives. You can find various accessories on this website, some including; a tacky christmas tinsel tree hat, wreath pins for your clothing, or santa light up sunglasses for $10. You can find these sweaters and accessories here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.16.35 PM

If youre going to wear an ugly sweater, why not go all out? A light up ugly sweater is the perfect way to capture any room’s attention. Sweaters like these are an epitome of the saying Go big or go home!This sweater is only $30 and is definitely a show stopper.
Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.18.46 PMAlthough this sweater is one of the more expensive items featured in this piece, there’s nothing better than a Hotline-Bling inspired ugly sweater! The print out of drake on the front would be the perfect addition to any ugly sweater collection, but that’s not even the best part. This sweater takes Drake’s hit song and transforms it into a winter miracle. Although it costs $50, there is no doubt that this ugly sweater would be a hit at any party.
54da4f48930c6_-_rock-your-ugly-christmas-sweater-3hs8fy-guyThis sweater definitely speaks for itself, there’s nothing like a good old cat sweater to get you in the holiday spirit. Although I cant provide the price for this wonderful sweater vest I can tell you one thing, there is absolutely nothing better than an ugly sweater covered in cats. You can buy a vest similar to this one or make one yourself, pair it with a turtleneck shirt and youre good to go!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.21.13 PM

Finally, our last and most intriguing ugly sweater that leaves us asking, “Why?!” The most interesting thing about this sweater is obviously the plush toy attached to it. You can actually buy this sweater for $67, or if you are hoping to take a more DIY route you can probably make it yourself. This 3D ugly sweater has upped the level for any competing ugly sweater, if you purchase this one or make a sweater of your own there would be no competition, this is definitely the ugliest Christmas sweater of the season.

This time of the year is about more than just buying and receiving gifts, it is a time to celebrate with your friends and family, and what better way to do that than at a party? If you haven’t been invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party yet, maybe you should have one yourself! There is no better way to welcome the Christmas season than spending time with those closest to you, and sweaters like these remind us it is completely okay to let loose, have some fun, and make a fool of yourself. These sweaters only make an appearance once a year, its time to embrace it.

Featured Image via Olly Murs. 


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