7 Easy And Delicious Nutella Recipes That Will Change Your Life

If you don’t like Nutella then please, just leave. Who doesn’t enjoy this chocolatey, delicious spread? Are you a Nutella lover like me, then stick around because I am about to change your life. Once you try these Nutella recipes, there is no going back, so buckle up and prepare for your taste buds to go nuts (pun intended).

  1. Nutella Banana Toast

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This is so simple to create. All you really need to do is toast the bread, smear that Nutella on top, and plop a couple banana slices on top. This is excellent for breakfast on the go, or even just a midday snack.

  1. Strawberry Nutella Panini

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Do you like Paninis? What about Nutella paninis? If you have a panini press, then spread Nutella on two ends of the bread, drop some cut up strawberries, and close it up in the panini press until cooked. If you don’t have a press, just copy the Nutella banana toast recipe, but with strawberries instead.

  1. Nutella Roll

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Have you ever bought those Pillsberry Dough dinner rolls? The ones that are super easy to make? Know what I am talking about? All you need to do is put a drop of Nutella on the dough before you roll them up. Then, after baking, sprinkle some icing sugar on top for a delicious dessert pastry. Easy as that!

  1. Nutella Milkshake

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It’s the simple milkshake recipe, you know, ice cream, milk, and blender. However, add some Nutella in the blender too. You won’t regret this decision, but I would suggest only trying it with chocolate or vanilla. If you want to get risque, go ahead and try it with another flavor too!

  1. Nutella Sushi

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Okay, so it isn’t like sushi with fish or anything because I don’t know how well that would go with Nutella, but this is a fun recipe to do with kids, or adults too because we all have a child in us somewhere! All you need to do is have a wrap (what you use to make burritos, tacos, or other sandwiches), spread Nutella all over it, pop a banana in, and roll it up. Finally, just cut it up into pieces. Ta-da! Nutella sushi.

  1. Nutella Ice Cream Shell

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Ever had an ice cream cake dipped in chocolate or any other flavor that hardens over your soft served? Well, this is similar. Just follow the recipe provided by “Playin’ With My Foodto create this delicious mix.

  1. Nutella Popsicle

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This is a simple recipe that anyone could enjoy! Just whisk one cup of cool whip, ½ cup of milk, and ¼ of Nutella in a bowl. Pour the mixture into small cups or a popsicle tray if you own one, then add the popsicle sticks. Finally, put it in the freezer to harden. This is delicious.

These are Nutella recipes that you won’t regret making. If you are a Nutella lover like myself, you will thoroughly enjoy each and every one of these Nutella treats. So don’t waste any more time, get baking!

Featured image via Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash


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