Why You Should Embrace College Even If You Hated High School

It’s true that college is not for everyone. Some people do very well without a college education. However, there are some people that could probably do well in college, but they let their experiences in high school hold them back. I have heard many people say they chose not to go to college because they don’t like school, or high school was terrible for them and they couldn’t do another four years.

But college isn’t a prison sentence.

If you want to go, and the only thing holding you back is your high school past, let it go and then go to college because I promise they are completely different. Here are just a few reasons as to why they are different and why you should take the opportunity if you can.

First of all, the people in college are usually a lot easier to get along with than people in high school. High school is all about popularity and possessions and college is about getting an education and working towards something. All the drama from high school goes away, or at least the majority of it. It depends on the school you go to and what kind of people you surround yourself with, but if you are careful and choose wisely, your college years can be drama free. There’s less bullying and more support from peers and friends.

Speaking of friends, college is the place to make new ones, especially if you’ve gone away to school. You meet new people and make new friends. This can be overwhelming, but it can also be really exciting. One of my favorite things about my college experience thus far is the friendships I have built. I regret some of my high school friendships, but I don’t regret any of the friends I have made in college. Plus, in college, when you meet new people, you don’t have to feel obligated to stay friends with them if they’re hurting you.

One of my favorite things about college is the control I have. In high school, things are basically decided for you. In college, you are in control of where you go, what you do, and at what pace you do it. It really is up to you. Of course, this could get some people in trouble. But if you are smart and responsible, it could be some of the greatest years of your life. It’s all up to you.

You also get more breaks in between classes and things, so you also get to decide the structure of your classes. And you’re not taking six or seven of the same classes every day. With more time, too, it teaches you to work through your free time – homework, a job, etc.

College helps prepare you for adulthood without pushing you out completely. College students still have the option to go home and many parents are still a support system to their child. But with all the decisions you have to make in college, you definitely have to become more mature and responsible. You have to make sure you eat, sleep, shower, go to class, study, and everything else. College works as a bridge into being an adult. You are starting to be more responsible and take care of yourself, but you’re not completely on your own.

High school isn’t all bad, but for many people, it’s not the best four years. There are so many things you have to do that you just don’t want to do. College allows you to change that. When you go to college you are choosing what you do, and therefore are willing to work harder.

College is rewarding and sets you up for the rest of your life. If you know what you want to do, you should pursue that. And even if you don’t, college is a great place to experiment and take different classes. College is more challenging than high school, but you get more out of it. College is all about getting what you want and what you think is best for you.

College is a great way to be on your own for the first time. And one of the best ways to experience that is to live in a dorm. That can seem kind of scary to some people, but in my opinion, it is a part of the college experience that everyone needs. I mean, it’s like living with your best friends. You and your roommate may not be the best of friends, but there is likely to be a couple of people in your building that you become close to.

In high school, I had no personality. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t have many friends, and I was basically a wallflower. But college changed that. My confidence grew, I figured out who I am, and I made some friends. I love the idea of being my own person. It’s hard to do that in high school.

In college, you have more independence. You are your own person. And the chances of you being judged or made fun of are low because everyone is in the same boat you are. College allows you to explore and figure things out for yourself.

High school is pretty limited in the things you get to do. College is so much broader and open. The opportunities are pretty endless. There are more things to do in college. From extracurricular activities, to study groups, to campus events there is usually something going on that you can be a part of. It’s a great way to make friends and build up your resume if you choose the right things.

College and high school are totally different.

So if you are on the fence about going, I would highly suggest giving it a chance. If I had let my high school experiences keep me down, I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today. So give college a fair chance. I promise it is worth it.

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