6 Reasons To Embrace The Grandma Lifestyle In Your 20s

How many of us have labeled ourselves as grandmas? If you are anything like me “I’m basically a grandma these days,” is just a phrase you say regularly to describe your Netflix and chill weekends, where you avoid socializing and prefer baking some brownies and catching up on Orange Is The New Black instead. Lately, identifying as a “grandma” has turned into a phenomenon among millennials. Now, more than ever before, we are embracing who we are and not letting society or out more party-loving friends make us feel bad for living our lives the way we want. While there are still plenty of people who don’t understand our lifestyle and simply can’t comprehend that we’d prefer to stay home on a Saturday night then go to the club and partake in all the debauchery, like a “regular” twenty-something, we need to stick together and remind everyone that it is totally okay to live that grandma lifestyle in your twenties.

You Become More Attractive

Most single girls are the ones living the grandma lifestyle. As such, they are the ones that can learn a lot about themselves when they decide to stay home on a Saturday night. For instance, taking time out to recharge your batteries is a great way to show up as the best version of yourself the next time you have to socialize like on a date. The best ways to get to know yourself better is by journaling which easily provides wonderful opportunities for some self-growth. By doing so you are better able to understand what you want in all aspects of your life like your career, family, and relationships. There is absolutely no harm in spending the weekends with some of your favorite characters on your favorite shows. Doing what makes you happy is all that really matters.

You Save Money

How many twenty-somethings are making bank? Not many. As a result, going out every weekend can be a massive money-sucker. Consider all the door fees, drinks, food, cabs, and parking fees associated with a night out. It can be draining for anyone, especially when done on a regular basis. Being a grandma doesn’t have to mean that you are lame. Instead, it means that you are making smart financial decisions that can do wonders for your bank account. Considering the consequences of a night out can make anyone want to stay in instead.

The Grandma Lifestyle Is Healthier

A Saturday night out typically involves a ton of booze and late-night pizza dipped in marinara sauce. However, staying in means you get to cook your food yourself, choosing the freshest ingredients you have on hand. In fact, when you stay in on a Saturday night you have all the energy in the world to make it to that Sunday morning farmer’s market to keep your body nice and healthy.

A Saturday Night Gets You Ready For Sunday

Getting up in the morning after a late-night out is tough. It becomes even harder the older we get. As a result, staying in on a Saturday night provides us with a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep while still waking up with a ton of energy. We can choose to start our Sunday mornings with a quick trip to the gym or the farmers market. Whatever we choose to do we have plenty of energy to do whatever we decide. When we are able to conquer the day and accomplish tasks we feel a whole lot more productive with our lives. Feeling accomplished is a brilliant way to start any morning!

It’s Always A Choice

The best perspective to have when it comes to accepting a grandma lifestyle is to remember that it is always a choice. In fact, by avoiding feelings of loneliness you are making yourself happier just with your thoughts. Instead of thinking about what you could or should be doing, reminding yourself that you are staying home because you want to makes living the grandma lifestyle that much more satisfying. Releasing the guilt trip placed on ourselves can be wonderfully liberating. Owning your choices is the best way to live life anyway!

You Become A Hot Commodity

The less time you spend out, the more people wonder where you are. When you become absent from the social scene people inevitably get curious about your whereabouts. As a result, you create a sort of supply and demand for your company. Being selective about who you spend time with isn’t selfish, it’s just smart. We all work 40 hour weeks if not more and want to do whatever makes our hearts happy on the weekends. And if that involves an entire night spent on the couch watching Netflix or baking cupcakes, then so be it.

Instead of feeling guilty about living the “grandma” lifestyle, we need to embrace it. There are so many wonderful things about our lifestyle that people may not be able to comprehend, especially when they are in their twenties. Releasing all the guilt you may feel, whether it’s self-inflicted or some peer pressure you feel, it only causes more harm than good. Therefore, let go of whatever expectations you have of what being in your twenties is supposed to be like, and embrace the current version of your life and own it!

Featured image via Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


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