15 Guys Share What Makes Them Finish Quicker

Whether the sex is really good but is going on for far too long to the point where it hurts or it is just plain awful, sometimes you just want him to finish. It sucks to say it, but there are times where we do want to speed up the process. (I know, guys don’t always cum really fast).

On a mission to try to get some tips on how to get him to finish more quickly, I went straight to the source to get the answer: men. Well, some had tips, and there were no consistent answers, but they all indicated one common consensus.

“I don’t need dirty talk or loud screaming that probably isn’t legit while in bed. Nothing gets me going [like] a passionate moan… or just moaning in general.” – Dylan, 26

“If she’s giving me head and her mouth is getting sore, which happens a lot for most women, all she has to do is just jerk off the tip really quickly and look up at me. Dirty talk helps get me there quicker, but it’s a sexy thing to do and feels really good.” – Andrew, 23

“Use your nails anywhere you can; good God, it’s so hot!” – Branden, 25.

“I’m gonna give you a hint that almost every guy loves: Bite our earlobes and play with them with your tongue. Our ears are usually sensitive, and it feels unreal. Most of my guy friends are the same.” – Eric, 22.

“Touching my balls. It’s not often a girl pays attention to those because they can be out of the way most of the time, so when she does, it’s extra special and feels amazing! If they were touched more often I don’t think it would have the same effect, but I encourage trying it.” – Liam, 24.

“Eating her out gets me really turned on, so sometimes, I have to take a break to [mentally] get back into completing the job. Which means that both of us will get off, and that’s a great time to me!” – Christian, 29.

Can we please give Christian a round of applause for his answer?

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“Biting my neck. The moment a girl bites my neck while having sex, I’m guaranteed to finish within seconds, 9 times out of 10.” – Brendan, 23.

“Call me ‘daddy.’ Especially when we’re in doggy, just lean back and moan, ‘daddy’ while I pull your hair. Most men find that word creepy most of the time, but in a moment like that, we’ll be busting a nut so fast.” – Ryan, 23

Talk dirty to me, and by talking dirty, I mean  [getting] nasty with what you say. Swearing a lot oddly helps too.” – Max, 24.

Let me be dominant. I love being in control and that control allows me to take care of you first and me second. There’s nothing better than allowing me to be out of my cage, so I can pump away at yours.” – Mike, 26.

“Just shut up and let me f*ck you. Don’t say or do a thing.” – Steve, 29.

“Tell me things like you’re my ‘cum slut,’ ‘dirty little whore,’ and other things like that. I think it’s a mixture because it promotes dominance, and to hear her talking like that is so hot because it’s out of character.” – Dan, 24.

“When they say to cum somewhere in particular, especially if it’s an uncommon spot for me to finish.” – KJ, 23.

“Oil. It’s underlooked because it’s messy, but let us rub you in oil and stare at your bum or boobs. [I can guarantee] it’ll be done soon, and there will be a round two. Plus, you get an epic massage.” – Krishna, 27.

“Say these three words in a sensual way in my ear, ‘Cum for me.’” – Hayden, 22.

The one common trend we see in every guy’s answers is simply that every guy is different and there is no exact way that works for them all. My suggestion to you is to start experimenting and see where it can get you, and if it doesn’t get him to finish fast, you’ll still learn what he likes and doesn’t like.  

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