5 Ways To Cope With Your Post-Summer Blues

September 22 marked the first day of fall, which inevitably sends spooky season lovers into a Halloween-themed bliss. However, not everyone is quite ready to welcome lower temperatures and say goodbye to the sunshine and iced coffee. Luckily, there are ways to help you cope with those post-summer blues that might be plaguing you. 

1. Pumpkin spice up your life.

Pumpkin spice is an autumn signature. It’s a flavor that can be used in pretty much anything — Coffee, candles, donuts; you name it. If you’re a fan of pumpkin pie or the smell of a pumpkin patch on a beautiful 65 degrees Fall day, then pumpkin spice is perfect for you. 

This staple of fall will alleviate your troubles and blues and is the perfect recipe to warm you up on days when the temperature starts dipping below 50. Plus, the word ‘spice’ is so fun. It makes you sound bold and daring, just like a summer babe! 

2. Shop it off.

It might be time to put away the denim shorts and beautiful sundresses, but that doesn’t mean your closet has to feel dull and sad! In fact, there are so many fun fall outfits that can make you still feel vibrant and summery even as we experience the changing season.

Buy some bold colored sweaters that scream ‘I love summer, but I’m ready for fall!’ There are so many different kinds to choose from, whether it be a classic cardigan or tight-knit fabric. Sweaters are also the coziest clothing item of them all, so you’ll never feel pressured into maintaining a perfect summer bod. 

3. Call your (fictional) friends.

Repeat after me: “Where you lead…”

If you get the urge to respond with, “I will follow,” then congratulations, we are now best friends. Fall always reminds me of two of the warmest shows around (that both star America’s mom, Lauren Graham): Gilmore Girls and Parenthood

Both shows focus on family, food, and feelings, and are set in the most idyllic fall cities ever! Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls is a tiny, joyful town in Connecticut with cutesy festivals and dreamy romances. Binging a new show just might be the perfect way to cure any post-summertime sadness you may be feeling. 

4. Feast on fall foods.

This one speaks for itself. Thanksgiving is easily the most delicious holiday, with turkey, gravy, potatoes, and pie! All of these foods are really only made for one special time of the year: the fall season. Sure, eating doesn’t solve all your problems, but it sure can solve a few. Stop thinking about soft-serve ice cream and start thinking about learning a new recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls. Dee-lish.

5. Haul for the holidays.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, with fall comes the holiday season on the horizon. You never want to wait until the very last minute to shop for the holidays, so why not start now? Getting ahead will put your mind at ease for when December rolls around, and it will serve as a nice distraction as it begins to get dark earlier and earlier each night. By the time winter sneaks up on you, you’ll have everything already figured out! 

Now go cozy up under a blanket, start thinking about when the right time to start utilizing your fireplace is and make sure to have the best fall that 2020 can offer without any blues! 

Featured image via Alex Geerts on Unsplash


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