6 Tips To Make Being On Top Easier & More Enjoyable For Women

Ladies, how many of you hate being on top in bed? Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you do. It’s easy to feel self-conscious when in this position because it often involves unflattering angles and requires a lot of work. What’s more, the pressure to please your partner is immensely high. While it may be intimidating, there are a few helpful tips and tricks to make it more pleasurable and discreetly easier for you to actually enjoy the position. 

1. Grind or roll your hips.

Being on top does not just involve being on your knees and bounding. Instead, you can do so much more with your hips that will make him go crazy. For example, while he’s inside of you, rock your hips as if you’re scooting in a chair and rub your clit at the same time — it’s significantly easier for you to orgasm this way. While you’re rolling your hips, you can also rest your hands on your thighs or boobs instead of having them resting on him to make it a little sexier for him to watch. You can also squat on him while you’re riding to increase speed for a quick minute and help make your booty visually bigger in the process.

2. Use the control that being on top gives you.

If he’s huge and hurting you, you can adjust how deep he thrusts into you. If your legs are sore from being in the squatting position, you can slowly get on your knees and roll your hips a bit to tease him. You decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when. When it comes to sex, women aren’t often in charge so take advantage of it. 

3. Rub your clit on it to help you orgasm.

Most ladies can’t cum purely from vaginal or anal sex. As a result, the clit needs to be simulated. Before you even put his dick inside of you, angle it up and rub your clit on it by going up and down on his shaft. I can guarantee you that after doing that for a few minutes, you’ll have a very intense orgasm — especially if he will help you out by moving his hips as well.

4. Have his hands on your hips — it helps big time.

Not only does it give him the power to still be dominant, (if that’s his thing), but it also helps relieve the pressure off of your hips. Personally, I think it’s hot when a guy grabs my hips (or bum) and guides me onto him roughly. It shows that he’s into it and isn’t afraid to get a bit aggressive in the process while still letting me do my portion of the work. 

5. Change up the speed.

You don’t need to go full-on like a bouncy ball the second you climb on top of your man, nor do you have to treat sex like a marathon. Instead, start off slow, rub your hands on his chest while kissing his neck or talking dirty. Then, increase the pace a little bit and slow back down again before going as fast as your little bum can bounce. A change of pace is a nice tease for him and will probably help him last longer. 

6. Reverse cowgirl or butterfly can be your best friend.

The beauty of reverse cowgirl is that you don’t have the pressure of being face to face with your partner, and you can still do everything listed above. However, from the reverse cowgirl position, you can lift your body up so your feet are flat on the surface and your man can thrust into you from a different angle. Lean your body back and you’ll also be more likely to orgasm and experience the hottest sex of your life. 

I know being on top is one of the most intimidating things for women because we have to be vulnerable and in control. But having that sort of power doesn’t always have to be a scary thing if you have the confidence to own it. Try these positions and enjoy the sensations that come with it! Maybe you’ll find something you like.

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