What Makes Guys Choose The Bad Girl Over The Good One

Men choose the chicken wings no matter the consequences.

When people label you as the “good girl,” they don’t expect you to ever become aggressive. Nobody ever imagines that sweet, angelic smile to turn into a frown. They don’t expect you to have feelings, to speak your mind, or to hold your own in a conversation. You’re expected to sit still and look pretty.

Because you may not always think of a comeback to strike back in an argument, or perhaps make a great first impression. Because you’re simply too kind for this world, shy and often called “cute.” When you’re the “good girl,” you don’t seem to find love, only rejections as the boy next door assumes you’re easy to take advantage of. You get rejected because everyone believes you don’t know how to “keep” a guy around, how to be sexy and mysterious simultaneously. You don’t have enough experience, and you may very well be invisible.

While, on the other side of the equation, you have your typical bad girl. A bad girl is like having a bucket of spicy buffalo wings, you know you’re going to regret it afterwards, but it just tastes and feels too good to ignore. A good girl, she is your daily quinoa salad. It’s good for you, helps you in your journey to becoming healthy and strong. It grows on you after a while. But you already know how the story goes; men choose the chicken wings no matter the consequences.

The good girl may seem easy but this is where I tell you, you’re completely wrong.

While the bad girls seem like the ultimate challenge, it’s the good girl who is the real challenge. She is quietly strong and independent. Intelligent and funny, she’s nowhere near being the easy pray. To hold on to the good girl, the challenge is real. You need to prove your value, as she won’t let just anyone into her life.

This is why the good girl is so typically misunderstood. Because to hold on to her and keep her in your life, you have to be something most men can’t seem to do: a good man.

Featured image via Neemias Seara on Pexels


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