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6 Reasons You Can’t Resist The Bad Boy

Bad boys have some kind of aura around them that attracts women. But what are the reasons behind the attraction and why do good girls chase bad boys? Watch any Hollywood film or television show and you’ll see it, the almost perfect or prim and proper young female being attracted to the bad boy. The relationship between the two isn’t an obvious one, but it happens a lot.

So what can we say are the reasons behind it and why do bad boys have that special attraction for women? Here are a couple reasons I came up with. 

1. Bad boys offer the risk factor
We all like to take a risk every now and again. Whether it is throwing all your chips on black on the roulette table, backing a horse to win at the races, or stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to sexual partners. Bad boys undoubtedly offer that risk factor a whole lot more than any straight-laced man. There is likely to be a whole lot more excitement in a relationship and that is why the attraction is there.

2. We all have a bit of bad in us
Whether we like to admit it or not, there is at least a tiny bit of bad in all of us. It might be having a one-night stand behind your back, it might be a full blown secretive affair. By dating a bad boy, even the quietest, shy women will feel what it is like to have that darker side. We all have a smidgen of bad in us, we just need someone to draw it out of us.

3. Reckless personalities attract the opposite sex
A bad boy, or a bad girl, by definition, will have a reckless personality. That is one of the traits that gets a person the bad tag. Whether that is gambling, drinking, sleeping around, being an adulterer or even criminal activity, it offers an attraction regardless of how wrong it might be. And that portrayal is there in everyday life too. It isn’t just fiction but scientifically proved the fact. Reckless personalities really are an attraction to the opposite sex.

4. We all want to feel dirty sometimes
In the same way, we all want to feel dirty sometimes. It is no fun being good all the time, is it? By dating bad boys, or having some sort of fling with them, we shift to be a little bit closer to the “badder” end of the scale. And that is a turn on. Why wouldn’t she want to feel a little dirtier – there’s no shame in having dirty, horny sex. If it is a bad boy that brings out that side of her, then so be it. Life is for living after all.

5. We think they can change him
There is a notion of thought that women can change bad men and mold them into what they want. It might well be true in a number of cases and that is part of the attraction towards bad boys, women think they can change them into a good boy – or certainly iron out some of the bad traits. It’s unlikely that it will last long, but it doesn’t stop women from trying. It’s not that it won’t happen, but more that it is what forms part of the attraction in the first place. Have that dirty-minded fun with a bad boy, while trying to seek out some good. Some women will succeed, others will fail, but still have some memorable, orgasmic times along the way.

6. The Neg factor
Negging” – when a guy gives a backhanded compliment or even slight comment which undermines girl’s confidence. If you want to get that girl, it’s great strategy to blow away that arrogance and make her take the crown off.

So there you have it. Six reasons that I have observed to why the “good girl” is drawn to the bad boy. I admit that this might not always be the case, the good guy will get the girl from time to time. I’m just pointing out a couple of the reasons why girls go for the bad guys. Not to mention they are pretty freaking hot.

Featured image via Mafer Bajaña on Unsplash



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