Why Your Friends Shouldn’t All Be The Same Age

Growing up, many of us have found our friend groups through school, college or the numerous extracurricular activities that we would invest our time in. It was definitely easier making friends growing up because we would just become close with the people who surrounded us on a daily basis. Most likely all these people were also around the same age as us. However, what I recently realized was that I should have been expanding my circle of friends, while I still had the chance. I never really considered being close with people who were much younger or much older than me, because I thought we would have nothing in common. I never tried connecting with them on a deeper level. But, as I get older, I don’t notice age differences all that much anymore. The truth is a friendship can work no matter what the age gap between you two is, as long as there is a connection and the two of you enjoy each other’s company. So here are four reasons why having age gap friendships is actually wonderful.

  1. Expand your outlook on life

We all have a different way of how we view the world. Some people might have developed an optimistic outlook, while others have become cynical by the hardships of life. An age gap friendship can definitely make you look at the world differently as you hear the different stories of what people have gone through and how they perceive life themselves.

  1. Gain new perspectives on your problems

You can obtain some interesting perspectives on certain situations once you hear advice from people who were in similar instances, or who are so far removed that their opinion is not biased. Having a friend who already went through a lot in life can give you valuable insight on how to handle your own issues. Also, someone who is not traumatized by this cruel, harsh world can help you keep a positive mindset.

  1. Let go of stereotypes

Every generation is known for something specific, something that makes all the people from that generation automatically connected to it. That’s not always true. The era that we were born in should not stereotype us. The 80s is known for shoulder pads, big earrings, and huge hair, but is that really all there is to the 80s? You might get some great cultural lessons from your new friends who were born in a different decade than you.

  1. Get introduced to new activities, hobbies

Your younger friend might be in the loop of what is happening around the city; they will be your go-to partner for attending music festivals, club nights, and the craziest restaurants. While your older friend, who might also love to go out and be wild, will also introduce you to places that have been tested out by time, the little diamonds in the rough that have been forgotten by the new generation.

An age gap should not come with a stigma that the person is from a completely different generation. Someone younger can definitely be wise for their age, and someone older can be a kid at heart. As we all get older, the little things like age and status should not get in the way of making great connections; you might even learn to appreciate every single one. An age gap friendship is a great way to open up your mind to new possibilities in life. So get out there and make some new friends!

Featured image via Clarke Sanders on Unsplash


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