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A Psychic Gave Me Relationship Advice That My Friends Couldn’t

“You bring a lot with you today,” the psychic said as soon as I reached out my hand to be read. 

“Cool,” I thought. “Even the psychic knows I have baggage.”

I sat across from the woman, hands sweaty and heart racing, at the tiny little desk for my very first palm reading session. Somehow I got talked into going with a friend earlier that day. I don’t necessarily not believe in that type of stuff, but I don’t go searching for it either. I was at a time in my life where I was looking for guidance. I tried praying, meditating, and even new workout routines – anything to guide me on the right path of a post-grad looking for where to go in life.

“There are two men in your life,” she said to me calmly with a slight smile.

I kindly replied that I was here for myself and not to figure out the whole love scene. She seemed shocked by my response, but I was currently in a seven-year relationship. While things weren’t perfect (are they ever?), I thought I was pretty happy. She kindly replied that it was something I needed to hear. So I did what any other 23-year-old would do. I rolled my eyes and let her go on.

Then she said four words that no one had ever told me before.

“Your heart’s not happy.”

At first I almost laughed. How could she possibly know that when I just met her? But I let her keep explaining. She talked about my relationship and the emotions that I knew I was feeling (and denying) but no one else did. The more she said, the more I realized that she was totally right. The reason I was feeling so lost in the world was that I was lost in my relationship. Things were content, but, as the stranger had said, my heart wasn’t happy.

The phrase was something I’d been trying to uncover for so long. It wasn’t that I wanted out of my relationship, I just needed something more. Something to make my heart happy. How this stranger could give me better advice than my best friend, I will never know.

She continued to talk about my future marriage and how many children I would have for the next ten minutes. Honestly, I couldn’t focus because my brain was trying to figure out how a woman I’ve never met could know even what I didn’t. I instantly knew it was genuine advice, and I that I had to change something in my life.

What I ended up getting out of this 20-minute session was so much more than I thought.

I got relationship advice that I could pry out of even my closest friends. Sure it cost me $20, but I’ve paid way more than that for a pair of shoes. That’s a real bargain for life changing advice, if you ask me.

“Don’t give up, just make a change,” the psychic called out to me as I was leaving. I didn’t know if she was talking about my relationship or something else she had told me, but that’s exactly what I did. I’ve never in my life been happier.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels



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