5 Times Children Had Better Life Advice Than Your Friends

Everyone needs advice at some point in their life. Some simply ask their friends for their thoughts on daily conflicts, others will go as far as to pay someone for life advice in the form of therapy. But my question is, why are we really going to all the trouble to find solid, helpful advice when we could just be asking kids?

Kids have a completely innocent and creative outlook on life. They also don’t really have filters yet. They’re going to give you practical advice with all the honesty you’d expect from children who don’t have filters yet.

If you’re not convinced, look at these 5 kids who offered some of the best life advice we’ve ever heard.

  1. Don’t worry about what others think of you.


This little girl has already figured out what most adults are still struggling with, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you. If you’re constantly working to be the best you can be and you’re happy with who you are, screw everyone else.

  1. Get the rest you need or you’ll be wreck.


This kid has no problem telling it like it is. When his sister is whining, he tells her straight up to take a nap and get it together. We may not have the outbursts children do, but we could all use this advice.

  1. Never give up on being what you want.


Kid President is awesome. He gives us pep talks that, although funny, actually make a lot of sense. He reminds us all to be ourselves, pursue our dreams, and never quit. He uses some pretty amazing analogies to make it clear to us that the world will be amazing if we all do what we’re meant to, because who doesn’t love Space Jam.

  1. Don’t take crap from anyone.


This is everything we should be aspiring to. When a boy told this 4-year old girl she looked “ugly,” she had no problem giving him a verbal ass-kicking. She swiftly reminds him that school is about learning, not pleasing anyone else and that he should really just worry about himself.

  1. Mind your damn business.


I mean, yes her dad was just offering to help her but still, worry about yourself! We spend so much time judging and forcing our opinions on other people when 99.98% of us don’t have our own shit together to begin with. Yes, if someone asks for your help, offer the best advice you can (like this girl did) but otherwise, take care of your own issues.

Children see the world in a way we no longer can. Everything is new and no problem is unsolvable with a little imagination. Kids are able to give the best advice because they don’t even realize they’re giving it. How can you go wrong when everything they say is about honesty and love? Above all, kids have never had a problem telling it like it is which makes for some revelations that are both hilarious and even sometimes helpful.

Featured Image via screengrab from Full House


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