6 Reasons Sex Is So Much Better In Your Twenties

Remember back in high school when, one by one, every girl in your friend group started losing their virginity, and you all started comparing your partners? Then as boys changed, as did the bed sheets, you thought that with each boy the sex got better? And then you get to College and it somewhat improves, or when you’re done with school and an adult and you think, “boy I was wrong about all those others?”

I have compiled a list below of reasons why sex is amazing in your twenties. So, sit back, relate, and evaluate with me.

1. You Don’t Have to Rush

Let’s be honest, any moment you had the house to yourself, you made damn sure you used that time wisely. The sex was sloppy, not really fun, or spontaneous. You knew approximately how long you had and it was almost a chore to get it done. But in your twenties… You can take your sweet time, and you have your own place so you can do it whenever you want.


2. 69ing Is Minimal

Because you had such limited time, you really had to do whatever was quicker. And sometimes a 69 was all you had time for. 69’s can be fun, however it’s very hard to focus while you’re going at it! You’re either too busy pleasuring him or trying to get your hair out of your face so you’re not choking on that instead of him, or you’re just trying to enjoy it. But let’s be real, back then everything was about only pleasing him because he did not know what he was doing.


3. The Stereotypes Are Gone

There was a time in every young man’s life where going down on a girl was considered nasty and no guy would dare go near that region with his mouth. There was a horrible stereotype about men who did oral, yet they expected women to always do it because that’s fair… Right? Then somewhere along the way things change and some guys develop a true love for it, and it’s like “thank you for this blessing of a man!”


4. They Actually Know How To Get A Girl Ready

Guys are freaking clueless about the things that turn women on when they’re young. They expected a make out session was all it took to get us wet, and let’s be real, there was a lot of painful, dry sex to be had. However they still aren’t as informed as they age, but they do greatly improve. They finally discover this beautiful little thing called a clit, and they know how to use it, and they understand the power of foreplay.


5. They Aren’t As Forceful

One thing porn taught the little horn dogs we call men is that if you go hard when fingering a girl, she’ll love it and cum from it. THAT’S A LIE. If we wanted to put a drill up our cooch, we would have done that already. They learned how to be gentle with their hands, yet stay forceful with their weapon.


6. It’s Not All About Them

Sex always had to be on his terms, they never spent time on foreplay, and they almost never pleased us in the way we would have liked to be pleased. But now… You get to feel like a damn princess. You can lay back, enjoy the sensations he’s creating on your body and actually feel good for once and ready to please him. It’s quite thoughtful how they take turns!


After all is said and done, men really have stepped their game up in the bedroom and sex in your twenties is so much more enjoyable. There’s still a pressure to being good in bed, but in a weird sense you can relax about always pleasing him because they step up to the plate. If you’re still experiencing some of these issues, either bring it up to your partner or get a new guy. It’ll be worth it. Trust me.


Featured image via Pixabay on Pexels



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