This Is What Getting The Love You Deserve Feels Like

I think that a lot of the time people forget to allow love into their lives the first time it comes knocking, I know I am guilty of this. However, I have realized that there is a certain comfort in the love you deserve, a sense of belonging. I have found this love in my favorite book, I have found myself so consumed in the words that time passes so quickly and my mood is instantly set back to happiness.

The love you deserve feels like
A home cooked meal
After months of restaurant leftovers.
It feels like putting on slippers
After trekking the streets all day with blister-ridden feet.
The love you deserve feels like
Ice cold water drowning your tongue
After waking up with a hangover.
It feels like the first breath you take
After being held underwater.
The love you deserve feels like
Wearing your favorite outfit
After living in your pajamas.
The love of your life will feel
After months of challenges.
You see,
The love you deserve won’t drain you.
It will feel like coming home,
Whatever that means for you.
Home will no longer be bricks
That made a building.
Home will be hearing
“I missed you”
After just waking up.
Home can be a person,
Or your favorite book,
But you will know what home is
When you begin unpacking and
Aren’t planning your next destination.

Featured Image via Unsplash.


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