5 Tips For Buying Sex Toys For The First Time

The first time sex toy shopping can be an overwhelming feeling and you can be extremely uncomfortable. You’ll feel lost in a big room full of flavored condoms, devices you don’t know how to work, and a massive wall full of penises in all sizes and colours. For those who are starting to become more comfortable with their sexuality and want to start looking into the world of sex toys, here are the best tips for your first time buying:

Don’t Buy Anything on Your First Trip

It’s so important to be comfortable when you’re in that kind of atmosphere! I highly recommend to go in (with a friend if you’re okay with it) just to look around. Take a peek at all the options you have and don’t feel rushed if you’re not ready. That way when you come back you feel more experienced in a way and have an idea of what you want. My suggestion for first time buyers is a vibrator since a good variety of them can be both for clit stimulation, as well as penetration. No need to fake it this time!


Always Take The Toy Out Of The Box & Test It

When I say this I don’t mean stick it up your crotch in the middle of the store! Ask a consultant if you could have batteries to test it out. By feeling what the toy actually feels like you can determine if it’s something you think would feel good on your skin. There are different textures to each one and they don’t all feel the most pleasant, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can feel the power of vibration and the different gears, and hear how loud it is. Plus the consultants can give you more tips on the toy you’re interested in.


*Bonus Tip: The most “realistic” feeling penises are more prone to causing infection.

Learn How to Clean It

I can’t stress this one enough but keeping your toy clean is extremely important! Each sex toy has their own cleaning protocol; if you don’t know how to take proper care of your toy you can run the risk of infections. For example; hard plastic, glass, and perspex won’t absorb fluids so they can be disinfected with dish soap and water. You can also buy specific cleaning sprays. Always ask a consultant or check the cleaning protocol on the package!


*Bonus tip: Sex toy sprays can also be used to clean makeup brushes. Who knew?

Just Because It’s Waterproof Doesn’t Mean It Can Go In Water

For some you can most definitely use it in the shower or the tub. With that being said don’t shove the whole thing under. Try and keep the battery (if there is one) above water level. When cleaning it, take the battery out and put the lid back on to prevent damage.


*Bonus Tip: Always leave a battery out of a toy if not using it.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Although the large looking dildo you envisioned the size of Christian Grey’s dick to be might look tempting, it may not lead you to an orgasm and may hurt you a lot more than you thought. The smallest ones are usually the best to start off with and work your way up. (I’ve heard the lipstick lookalike vibrators are great for first-timers).


Overall the best people to talk to about sex toys with are consultants in the store. Their job is to educate you and make you feel comfortable with your sexuality. They can be extremely expensive sometimes so you want to take your time and make sure you like it. There is a zero return policy! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and gain as much information as you can.

And remember; nobody knows how to please you like your hand… And your toy.


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  1. Skylar, thanks for your tip to know how to clean the toys that you are buying so that no infections arise because of it. I appreciate how you said that sometimes using smaller ones is better than bigger ones. My husband and I are looking for simple vibrators; thanks for the tips.

  2. I had no idea that it was recommended to test any dildos you wanted to buy before making the purchase. It is important to remember that testing them and making sure they can provide the type of feeling you are looking for can help you get your money’s worth. My wife and I are thinking about using more toys in the bedroom to keep things interesting, so I’m glad I found your page.

  3. That is a really interesting and informative blog. The one which I like the most is “Bigger is not always better”. Thanks For sharing all the tips and reviews with us!

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  7. Great article! Buying sex toys for the first time can indeed be a bit overwhelming, and these tips provide valuable insights for navigating the process with confidence.


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