Long Hair, Don’t Nair: Why My Body Will Never Be Clean Shaven

Body hair is something that is born with us, and dies with us. No matter how much we alter or try to get rid of it. I go to my wax center so often, that I have a year-long package just to save money on getting my eyebrows done. Sadly the thick hair gene runs in my family, so It’s not my fault that I was born with thick hair all over my body.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything to get rid of unwanted body hair… shaving, Nair cream, waxing, tweezing, you name it. Not only am I seemingly Bigfoot’s little sister, but I’m also paying a sh*t ton of money to be quite the opposite. Let me tell you, hairless skin is time, pain, and money. And yet, we suffer through it.

But at what cost? Why do we get rid of our natural flow for reasons we can’t quite pinpoint, other than that it’s occasionally uncomfortable in certain places. 

I know that some people enjoy hairless skin for themselves, and I certainly am certainly among them, as I prefer smooth legs to prickly ones. However, that doesn’t mean that every once in a while I don’t enjoy a good off-day from shaving too. Sometimes laziness gets the best of you. But there’s a problem with this.

The problem is that, there IS no problem, but the media, society, stereotypes and gender norms makes it out to BE a problem…

“It’s summer, so girls you know what that means: pick up those razors!”

“You probably shouldn’t wear a tank top if your pits aren’t shaved.”

“I don’t wanna touch your legs if they’re not smooth.” 

For those of us that enjoy smooth skin, getting rid of hair is not really an issue. But those who feel attacked solely for forgetting to shave, or even not wanting to shave, do not deserve the ridicule. They’re actually kind of smart. Did you know that body hair is actually in pretty much all cases a good sign for your body? Hair follicles are actually rich in muscle cells and stem cells, which helps to heal the skin. Hair even provides sun protection. All of these things are naturally good for the body – so why do we fight to get rid of it?? 

I won’t even start on pubic hair, you’ll be uncomfortable either way, so you might as well keep it at a happy medium length. It protects against chafing and possible infection on your lady bits. 

In many ways, body hair can protect you against germs. Probably why bald people are more susceptible to cuts and bruises. You see that? Your body hair is just protecting you, and taking care of you. Why can’t we occasionally let it do its job?

Oh what I would give to be a carefree, hairy beast flowing in the wind. It’d take a hell of a lot of conditioner to tame down my body hair if I even let it get one centimetre out of my skin. Needless to say, I don’t think those who actually wish to keep their hair should feel attacked by the people who say that body hair isn’t okay. To those people, you should say: f*ck what you think.

What if I say that it’s okay to keep my hair in tact, just because I want to?

It’s my body. 

Is it affecting you in any way other than that you find it displeasing to your own eyeballs? That kind of sounds like a personal problem, if you ask me. I’ll do what I damn well want with my body hair, and you can’t say sh*t about it. Long hair, don’t care.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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