10 Things You Could Expect If There Was A Kylie Jenner University

Oh, the things that would happen if Kylie Jenner had her own university. It’d probably happen the same time that dogs fall from the sky, we’d find out that Donald Trump was actually a woman all along, and that Walt Disney actually was a Satan-worshipping demon. But, if for some God-awful reason that she did, here’s 10 things that would happen:

10. Kim Kardashian would teach her own course in COMM 110: How To Be A Bad Bitch.


9. Kanye West would come in and do guest lecture talks where he would teach kids how to rap.


8. Kendall Jenner would offer a couple of internships a semester on learning the art of modeling.


7. Every semester Kylie Jenner would award the Dean’s List students with her newest Kylie Lip Kit.


6. Tuition would be through the f*cking roof.


5. Everybody would be allowed to have their own living quarters along with their dorm room, because a bedroom is way too small for each student.


4. Parties would consist of students popping $600 bottles of champagne on Thursday nights.


3. Everybody would introduce themselves by saying their names and their Instagram handles.


2. The school would obviously shut down for the day on Kylie’s birthday.


1. Obviously Kylie’s Snapchat would become the most famous Snapchat in the world.


So basically, if Kylie Jenner had her own university, we’d all get a bachelor degree in fabulousness. I definitely know some people who would have their applications ready in a heartbeat. 4.0 here we come.

Originally published on University Primetime.

Featured image via Kylie Jenner


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