10 Reasons Dating A Writer Will Change Your Life

If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably felt drained by the dating world. My recommendation? Date a writer.

Writers, they’re pretty amazing people. There’s something about them that makes you gravitate towards this vocation. Maybe it’s their intelligence, their personality, or the way they get lost in their work. But there is one thing that is guaranteed when it comes to writers — they make really good partners. There are so many reasons to date these incredible people, but here are just ten of them. 

1. You’ll get the best birthday cards 

If you have ever received a card from a writer, you know that they give the best ones. When a writer cares about someone, they really care about them. They will put a lot of time and effort into their card for you. For that reason, you’ll be blown away when you see it. 

2. They’re your built-in spell check

Writing a paper and can’t figure out if you’re using the correct word? All you have to do is look at your SO and ask them! It’s that easy. And if you’re really sweet, they may even proofread it for you!

3. They’re creative

Writers are artists. But instead of using materials to paint a picture, they use their thoughts. With words, they create a vivid picture in their mind that they later pour on paper. So if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, a writer is always a good choice! 

4. They’ll make you laugh 

Oftentimes, writers don’t say what goes through their minds. When they do open their mouth, a lot of the time it’s pretty damn funny! Their way with words also lends itself to clever humor. If you’re lucky enough to start dating a writer, you’ll always be entertained.

5. You’ll get time to yourself when you need it

Oftentimes, writers are introverts. They keep to themselves and observe what’s going on around them. They don’t really like to be around large groups of people since it drains them. So if you need time to yourself or can’t hang, they will get it.

6. They’ll always be down for late-night dates

Typically, writers are night owls. As your future writer SO will tell you, typically the best time to write is nighttime, when all your thoughts are running through your head. So if you decide to hit them up for a late-night dinner date, there’s a good chance they’ll take you up on that offer. 

7. You’ll never question if they love you

When a writer falls for someone, they fall hard and they go all in. Because of that, you’ll never have a doubt in your mind if they like you or not. It will be extremely easy to see. 

8. Writers give great advice

Because they are so observant, they’ll provide great perspective. If you ask them for advice, they’re going to tell you what they see from the outside looking in. So if you have an issue and need an unbiased opinion, you know where to go!

10. You’ll be the first to see what they write

Writers are their own worst critics. They spend hours — sometimes even days — working on a piece, just to delete it sometimes. However, when they write something they’re proud of, they want to show everyone that they’re  close to. If you’re their SO, you can be sure that you’ll be the first to see it. 

From being creative and funny, to honest and loving, writers are people that you want to have in your life. Once you fall for a writer, you’ll find the piece that has been missing all along. 

Photo by Renate Vanaga on Unsplash


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