Live Wild And Free: Allow Yourself To Take Up Space And Bloom

This piece is a collaboration between two friends whose life experiences differ, yet they’ve been great friends for years. Larissa and Theresa have always given one another support and the ability to speak freely without judgment. They both have experienced moments of complete freedom and feeling stuck. We hope that this piece inspires others to allow themselves to feel more free. 

Larissa: I’ve never truly permitted myself to take up space, let alone bloom widely. If I’m being honest, I don’t know if I know how or where to start. I think I struggle with this whole concept because I sometimes feel like I’m a burden because of my disabilities. On the other hand, I’m a person of color, which many people don’t like. These prejudices can even lead to violence or death. I have to ask if you blame me for not allowing myself to take up space and bloom wildly.

Theresa: When I think of taking up space and blooming wildly, I think of releasing the usual societal expectations people try to hold on to. Rather than feeling like we have to act or be a certain way, what if we were just unapologetically ourselves? Doing this would look like following dreams, priorities, and morals and not allowing ourselves to be limited or reserved.

Do you remember a time when you truly felt “free”?

Larissa: Whenever I am with ”my people”— those who get me and know me and have seen every part of me. I just feel free and don’t have to hide any part of myself.

Theresa: I feel free when I have these sporadic moments of spontaneity and adventure and when I’m being my full, authentic, unfiltered self. It rarely happens, but it’s really liberating when it does.

What would you do if you could do absolutely anything?

Larissa: As silly as it may sound, I would move out of my home state. Doing that would allow me to do absolutely anything I wanted — of course, within reason. I believe if you stay in one place for too long (or in an unhealthy environment), you can’t grow and find your place in this world. It also prevents you from becoming who you were meant to be.

Theresa: I play this game every day in my head, but my first thoughts are becoming an NYT best-selling author and opening up the dream LGBTQ venue my wife and I dream of.

Is there someone in your life who you feel acts like they bloom wildly? What do you love about them?

Larissa: My sibling Grey has started acting like they have bloomed wildly, and I love it. They say what needs to be said in a kind, patient manner while remaining open-minded and honest. I aspire to be more like that one day.

Theresa: I have a friend who lives without worrying about other people and their thoughts and feelings. Though she has been through a lot of trauma and loss, she still finds time to have fun, randomly break into dance with her dogs, and spread kindness and joy to others. I think life like that is beautiful.

What is one small feasible step to achieve this?

Larissa: To be fully wild, we need to do the personal work to allow ourselves that liberation. Though it may be hard at first, it will be liberating.

Theresa: I think we should do one thing each month that scares us. For example, something that will open us up to new experiences and unlock our inner sense of adventure. Once we begin to explore more things that help us feel more free, the rest of the liberation should come. 

Have you ever felt truly wild and free? How can you get there more regularly? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Written in collaboration with Theresa Faughnan

Featured image via Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels



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