Which Gossip Girl Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hello everyone, it’s not Gossip Girl, but I am certainly here to dish out some just desserts and give you a little more insight into your Upper East Side personality. Listed below you will find your Gossip Girl character reincarnate. Read if you dare to know whose qualities you possess most. I’m sure some of you won’t like what’s coming, but I sure do.

blair-wTaurus: Blair Waldorf

You are stubborn, hard-headed, and strong-willed. Other women tend to hate you. You hate change and your friends are the people in the same social circles as you. You believe in your values and will do anything to uphold them, even cut people out of your life. If things don’t go your way, you make them your way. You are our beloved Queen B. I’d say congrats, but you’ve earned it. B has some competition if you ever set foot in New York!


Gemini: Jenny Humphrey

Well, well, well… Welcome Little J. As a Gemini, you can be sneaky, inconsistent, and a trickster. People never truly know the real you, and sometimes you tend to change who you are to impress others. One minute someone can be your best friend, and the next your worst enemy, but that’s what keeps life interesting, isn’t it? When something doesn’t go your way you don’t get mad, you get even. You’re most like Little Jenny Humphrey!


Leo: Serena Van Der Woodsen

As a Leo, you love to be the centre of attention. You make lasting friendships and will do anything for those you love. You want to help others even if that means you putting your ego behind you (which you secretly love so much). You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself and call people our on their bullsh*t, meaning that some people may not like you. Your outgoing, friendly, and bubbly personality makes you the life of every party, so you mostly resemble our S. Remember, Gossip Girl loves to make you the centre of her gossip attacks, be careful!


Libra: Nathaniel Archibald

Being a Libra, you are the most desirable of all signs. People are drawn to your good looks and you have a fantastic personality to go with it! You have lots of friends and are generous and caring to everyone. You can sometimes be a little hard-headed but you let things go and don’t dwell on the negative. Not only is Nate good-looking, but he’s also the most honest of all of our Upper East Siders. Did you know he NEVER sent in a blast to Gossip Girl? Not one.


Sagittarius: Vanessa Abrams

You love your freedom. When you love someone you will do anything to protect them, even if that means stepping on people’s toes in the process. You have an artistic side and love to express yourself. Your reincarnate is Vanessa Abrams! Things may get a little sticky, and people may end up hating you, but at least you know you did it to help your loved ones. Who needs ’em anyway, right?!

Cancer: Penelope Shafai

Cancers are the hardest to read. They can wear many hats in order to satisfy other people’s needs and their own. You tend to follow others and idolize strong people. You enjoy a good gossip column and getting the latest news on celebrities and friends. Like Penelope, you know how to navigate through social media like a wiz and you know everyone’s secrets before anyone else does.


Aquarius: Daniel Humphrey

You are poetic, loyal, and strong-willed. You are willing to fight for what you want and you never give up. You are both shy and lively. You have a dry sense of humor and a smaller group of friends that you feel are your family. You are generous and giving, and always see the best in people. I guess that’s why you’re so similar to our Lonely Boy, Dan Humphrey! You both want to see the best in people. But be careful, that’s what lead Dan into a lot of problems with a blonde bombshell!

Aries: Chuck Bass

As an Aries, you are full of fire and life. You don’t like to take orders from anyone and are an amazing friend to those you choose are worthy of your friendship. When you fall, you fall hard and can never seem to escape the bonds of your first true love. You are great in bed, and love to take charge, just like our Chuck. 


Virgo: Lily Van Der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey/Rhodes

You are creative, delicate, and caring. You would do anything for your family, even if it means keeping secrets and being behind the scenes. You are quite intelligent and observant which means you can sometimes come across as being judgemental of others. You most closely resemble Lily Van Der Woodsen! Or is it Bass? Or Humphrey? Who can keep track! 

Scorpio: Georgina Sparks

You are bold and headstrong. You tend to be secretive and always have a motive for good deeds. You can come across as calm and collected but your crazy side does arise when the occasion strikes. You are intense and full of life, but you can sometimes come across as being a little self involved. But that’s ok, you’re confident in who you are. Just like Georgina, you have a soft side which only a select few people have ever seen. 


Capricorn: Eric Van Der Woodsen

You are level-headed and sometimes that can make you come across as being too serious. You are entirely independent and don’t care what people may think of you. You are always the DD at parties and people rely heavily on your advice because they know you will always be honest. People know they can depend on you in any situation, and that makes you a great ally on their team! Like Eric, you give the advice people need to hear. 


Pisces: Rufus Humphrey

As a Pisces, you always do what you think is right, even if people don’t agree with it. Your values and morals are all you have and you express your beliefs to those around you hoping they make the right decisions. You take on other people’s problems as your own and give the right advice, even if it’s not easy. You are confident in who you are and have no regrets! Looks like you’re our most reliable father figure Rufus Humphrey! 

Well there you have it. You have now been indoctrinated into the Upper East Side. Wear your new identity well and do Gossip Girl proud. In order to survive you’ll need a thicker skin, some designer fashion accessories, and a full wallet. I know you can all handle the pressure, after all, you all have the attitude it takes to be on top.
You know you love the drama.


Featured Image Via Gossip Girl


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