4 Reasons Why Pregnancy Isn’t As Scary As You Think

You recently found out that you’re pregnant, and now everything is a whirlwind of baby clothes, baby toys, baby names, baby proofing your place, parenting advice and, of course, obsessing about the pain of being in labor and taking care of a new baby at home while you’re trying to recover. It’s easy and completely understandable to get overwhelmed

But if you’re scared of being pregnant, or if the thought of pregnancy just stresses you out in general, just remember to take a deep breath, read these reasons to feel better about pregnancy, having a baby, and relish this time of being, well, a goddess.

1. You are not alone.

According to the CDC, just under 4 million babies were born in 2016 alone. You can find other moms-to-be via local Meetups, online support groups and more.

Other women experiencing pregnancy likely have the same fears and dreams that you have and would enjoy your company just as much as you would theirs. It’s helpful to have someone who understands what you’re going through experientially, not just intellectually.

Besides, you might make a lifelong friend, and you can never have too many good people in your life.

2. Yes, you’re still beautiful.

Women commonly have trouble accepting the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy and might assume they’re less beautiful because of those changes. It doesn’t help that you might not be feeling well from morning sickness, back pain, swollen ankles or a myriad of the other side effects of pregnancy.

But listen up, ladies: Pregnancy actually enhances your beauty! Your hair and nails can get stronger, and your skin can develop a glow to it. And, there’s something undeniably attractive about pregnant women and their strength – there have even been studies on the reasons behind why men are so attracted to pregnant women!

3. Your body is optimized for this job.

I’m not saying mistakes don’t happen. However, I am saying that your uterus was made not just to hold your baby but to protect them. Your skin was made to stretch. Your breasts are up to the task of producing milk. Your body can and will handle this.

Take the opportunity to get more in tune with your body throughout your pregnancy and develop that mind-body connection. It might help you to engage in mindfulness meditation to enhance your awareness of your body while at the same time easing your worries. There are a variety of websites and apps available to help you with this, so find what works for you!

4. You have more control than you think.

Empower and reassure yourself at the same time by deliberately making healthy choices about your diet, exercise and lifestyle. The more you do to boost your health, the more you’re doing to prevent complications with your pregnancy.

You can find helpful lifestyle advice for your pregnancy on the Healthline website. Ultimately this pregnancy is your experience, so own it and rock it, Mama. 

Originally published on YourTango

Featured Image by Georgia Maciel from Pexels


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