Why Brooke Davis Is The Most Underrated Female Role Model

If there’s one TV character that all millennial women can relate to it’s Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill. Portrayed by Sophia Bush, Brooke represents an ambitious woman trying to overcome many obstacles to achieve her goals. It might have taken her a while, but she eventually got there. Currently, a lot of young women are going through the same experiences. Hence, this character is so relatable. Plus, the character shares a lot of similar personality traits we all have. Here’s proof that Brooke Davis will always be an underrated female Millennial role model:

She radiates self-confidence 


Because if no one else is going to recognize you, you might as well acknowledge yourself.

She gets easily excited about everything


And celebrates everyone’s accomplishments.

She’s extremely cute and sassy


Even in moments when she shouldn’t be.

She can be quite the flirt


Or at least when she’s feeling good about herself.

Thus, she is all about girl power


Moreover, she even named a clothing line after her motto.

She’s doubted herself because of other people


But always tried to be the best version she could’ve been for undeserving people.

She’s been hurt badly by the people closest to her


And lied to. And cheated on. All by her two best friends. Ouch.

But her kind heart always gives people another chance


Even if they don’t deserve it.

Then, alcohol is one of her favorite things


Especially wine.

Sometimes, she can have quite the temper


Furthermore, it comes out in the funniest of ways.

She has one main friend who keeps her sane


Because having too many is an even bigger problem.

She loves sex

Like, really loves sex.

Coffee is mandatory for her survival


And mornings are never her thing.

She strongly believes in positive body image

Moreover, she leads by example with her beliefs.

She’s been lonely from time to time


Because who hasn’t when their friends are all living life and you feel left out?

She is fiercely passionate about her friends and family

And doesn’t let anyone mess with them until they go through her first.

She is vocal about her feelings

Even if it means being brutally honest or vulnerable.

She always treated herself like a gift


Because any guy who had been with her had to know how lucky he was.

She knows what she deserves


So she’ll always vocalize it.

She’s walked away from things knowing they won’t benefit her


Even if it breaks her heart.

Her comebacks aren’t always the greatest


But whose are, really?

Her face says it all


Because we all forget that people can actually see the facial expressions we make.

Moreover, her temper is fiery

Especially after some motivation.

She protects her feelings

Because the past damaged her past a point she thought she could not repair.

One boy always had her heart 


And she wanted him more than anyone will ever know.

She continues to grow from who she used to be


And she doesn’t let the former labels define her.

But she’s the first to prove people wrong


And her actions always speak louder than her words.

She knew exactly how to put boys in their place


Moreover, she did it with a cunning smile on her face.

She’ll never let you forget when you did her wrong

Image result for brooke davis truth or dare gif

Likewise, she is far from subtle about it.

She just wants to be loved

Because who doesn’t?

And she has understood the struggle of feeling like your life isn’t going anywhere

Related image

Even though she was bound for greatness.

But she trusted her journey

brooke davis

Because she knew everything was going to be alright.

She’s just an all-around great girl

Happy One Tree Hill GIF brooke davis

Thus, we should all strive to be a little bit more like her.

Moreover, she lives her life unapologetically

brooke davis

Hence, that’s exactly how we should live. 

Overall, Brooke Davis is one badass woman who accurately represents the normal girl (even though she grew up rich and spoiled for a good part of her life). She makes money moves, helps her friends achieve their dreams, and doesn’t stop fighting until she’s satisfied. Even if she’s balancing all of this while coping with heartbreak. 

We may not have many role models on our television screens, but Brooke Davis will forever be one in our minds.

Featured image via The CW One Tree Hill


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