11 Struggles You Face When You’re Stubborn As Hell

I’m the stubborn girl. The girl who is set in her ways and hates when plans are changed. I can’t stand it when things don’t go my way (even though I know how to act like an adult about it). It doesn’t hinder my life – too much – but I’m definitely identifiable as the stubborn friend. Some people would be embarrassed to say “Oh, I’m stubborn” but I’m stubbornly unapologetic about it. If you don’t like the way I am, sorry! I’m too stubborn to change. I’ve compiled a list of struggles that stubborn people like me often have.

That utter frustration when the plans change the last minute.

You know when you have dinner plans with friends and then they’re like, “Just kidding! I’m also bringing my boyfriend and his two best friends. Hope that’s okay!” It’s not…but thanks so much for asking in advance.

The terrible moment of horror when someone asks you to change your opinion.

That terrifying feeling of people asking you to change your opinion when you just know you’re right. Look, I’m a good person and I am open to all the opinions, but I’m set in my ways. #SorryNotSorry.

The eye roll that happens when someone asks you to move a seat you’ve already settled in.

Orrrr when you’re comfortable in movie theaters and then someone absolutely has to walk by you to get to their idea of a perfect seat. “The row behind me literally has no one in it, dum-dum.”

Dealing with other stubborn people is a special form of hell for you.

Hitting that wall with people just like you is terrible. Honestly, stubborn people are just terrible. Not you, obviously, but all the other stubborn people.

When that text comes in of someone asking you to make last-minute plans with them.

I’m so stubborn that if I’ve made plans with my parents or my dogs or my television, and one of my friends asks me to come out for ice cream at the spur of the moment, I’m kind of just like, “Oh sorry, I’m so busy.”

Asking anyone at anytime for help is never an option.

You won’t admit you’re helpless, even if you are. It just goes against everything that your stubborn nature believes in. You would rather be frustrated than ask for help.

Constructive criticism never goes down well with you.

If someone ever wanted to say anything to you that is even remotely constructive criticism, you just give them a fake smile and then say thank you. But inside, you’re kind of just like, “you sit on a throne of lies, madam.”

Being able to say “I told you so” is the best feeling in the world.

That feeling of knowing you’re right and that you were right all along is the most amazing thing. All you long for all day is that feeling when those words cross your lips. Oh yeah, it’s great.

You absolutely hate being wrong.

You’re so stubborn that you will go to hell and back before admitting that you’re wrong. All you want is to be right all the time. Even if you’ve realized you’re wrong, you will continue the argument until someone else gives up.

Having to apologize for anything is the absolute worst.

This goes back to the never being wrong part. If it’s something trivial and dumb, you will never apologize because that’s just the way you are.

If you’re like me, you probably face these problems at least twice a day. All we really want is for someone to embrace our stubbornness and not make us feel bad about it – not that we’d ever tell if we felt upset. Yes, we know we’re stubborn and it might inconvenience you, but I’ll let you in on a secret that stubborn people keep: we don’t really care what you think.

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