9 Signs That Prove You’re Actually A Foodie

As a self-declared foodie, I can tell you there are some pretty tell-tale signs you’re a foodie if you aren’t sure. First things first, foodies love food, healthy or not. I said enough? Perfect. Let’s look more into the 9 signs that prove you might be a foodie after all:

1. Waking up

There is no usual morning for a foodie. When you wake up, it is with a whole agenda to satisfy your taste buds. We don’t eat to live; we live to eat – the phrase must not be forgotten. Waking up, getting fresh, and getting to work is part of the journey of wanting to eat your favorite meal.

2. Breakfast of your choice

The first meal of the day usually becomes the item that you had desired the previous night but it was too late to fulfill the craving. A foodie does not only stick to traditional breakfast items. It could be anything, even a beef steak to start the day.

3. Setting goals with food as a reward

As the day progresses and you find yourself preoccupied at work or school, you hardly find the time to eat. But then you begin setting targets against food as a reward. There is a long to-do list and every item on the list needs to be finished up quickly because after every few tasks, you grab a meal.

For most food lovers, this technique works best to meet their goals all the while grabbing a bite every now and then.

4. Feeling cranky till you get your desired meal

Imagine being in the company of a foodie who does not get their dose. It is like an addiction that remains unfulfilled until you eat the exact thing you are craving for. It is certainly not pleasant to be with an avid food lover who cannot fill their tummy with the meal that they have wanted.

Bouts of anger, being uncooperative, and throwing needless tantrums should be expected.

5. And then you get your favorite meal

Happiness is unparalleled! The anticipation of the waiter about to serve your platter can be described in no words. It is a food lover’s paradise, and a zenith among feelings of joy.

6. Always craving for more

One meal is not enough. Because after every meal, a foodie begins thinking of what to eat after. And just thinking about it as exotic to the senses. Therefore, a foodie spends a while planning a meal, deciding what sidelines to devour. After all, every bit MATTERS!

7. Every activity has food to play a role in it

You are always concerned about what to eat, no matter what you may be doing. If a foodie goes to attend an official conference, they are thinking what would be served. If you are off to a movie with your friends, your choice of cinema may differ according to what edibles are allowed inside the theater. If a friend were to spend some quality time with me, it is incomplete without food.

8. Thinking of food while going to bed

If you are nocturnal and a foodie together, you fix yourself a course to eat late in the night. This often includes ensuring that you eat something light, yet enticing.

9. Always open to try new things

It is on a foodie’s list to try something innovative frequently. When it comes to picking a place to eat out, you end up choosing the newest launch in town. Often times, you may end up trying every item on the list in a restaurant’s menu because eating is something and perhaps the only thing you can never say no to.

Food brings people together, it inspires creativity, and keeps you breathing and living another day, therefore I’m pretty proud to be a foodie, and don’t mind admitting it.

So, you tell me, are you a foodie?

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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