10 Feel-Good Ways To Spend A $10 Bill

Every college student knows that there is no greater feeling in the world than reaching your hand into a pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in a while and emerging with a crinkled piece of forgotten cash. When you start paying for your own groceries, taxes, and rent, discovering $10 can exonerate the same emotions as does winning the Lotto 649 jackpot.

Sure, you could use that crumpled sliver of happiness to quench your thirst with a measly overpriced cocktail next Thirsty Thursday. But you could also use these tips to put your money where your heart is, and use your 10 smackers in a way that will make you feel a different sort of buzz. Here are 10 feel-good ways to spend a $10 bill:

  1. To buy magazines and a poster board.

What’s better than a little collage making? Answer: nothing. Some of the most creative individuals and companies swear by using inspiration boards to promote ingenuity within the workspace. Pinterest is your BFF. Scour your cupboards for some scissors, crack open the glue, and go to town on a board of your own. Bonus points for a corkboard and push pins so that you can change your design whenever the mood strikes you.

  1. To buy a small can of paint.

It might be a little much to paint all of your walls bright fuchsia…so why not try just one? Spice up your room and brighten your days by adding an accent wall inside your humble abode. Lime green, aquamarine, or bubblegum pink; the options are endless. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’ll give you a much-needed pop of color.

  1. To pay for the order of the person behind you at the drive-thru.

Random acts of kindness kill two birds with one stone: two days made, one small act. It costs so little to buy someone’s morning coffee and doughnut, and who knows how far your benevolence may spread.

  1. To buy flowers.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a bundle of fresh flowers. Hit up a flower stand, florist, or even grocery store to pick some up for your mom, your roommate or your apartment. No one’s ever said that Prince Charming is the only one who can buy you a dozen roses.

  1. To buy a journal and pen with fresh ink.

Invest in your heart and well being by investing in this pen-and-paper therapy. Looking back on inked thoughts and memories will be far more significant in the long run than looking back at the $10 pitcher of sangria you bought at the local bar.

  1. To purchase 10 random songs on iTunes.

New favorite song, coming right up. Whether it’s a new song by an old favorite band or an old song by an artist you’ve never heard of before, challenge yourself to download 10 new-to-you 99-cent songs. You never know which random tune may resonate with your current situation, or will become your next pre-going-out dance party ditty.

  1. To buy embroidery floss for friendship bracelets.

Remember back in the day when you used to raid your mom’s sewing drawer to find embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets? I sure do. In fact, my summers wouldn’t have been the same without them. Get back to your youth and become the favorite friend in the group by using your $10 to craft fun and funky friendship bracelets for the squad. Matching patterns, colors and beads are a must.

  1. To buys bath bombs/bubble bath/bath coloring/candles.

Who deserves a spa day? You deserve a spa day! Head to the drug store and pick up some supplies for a little rest and relaxation. Start by filling the tub with some bubbles and your ears with a homemade pampering playlist. (Filling it up halfway and riding it with your surfbort, optional.)

  1. To buy makeup products from e.l.f.

The most surprising thing about the $1-2 makeup products from eyeslipsface.com is that they actually work. Want to take a stab at the newest trend you saw on the runway? Wondering if deep plum or bright mandarin is a good lip colour for you? Well, here’s your chance to try something different and find a new look, all while keeping the bank delightfully unbroken.

  1. To donate… by text.

Many charitable organizations are now turning to text messages as a way of donating to their projects, and the standard donation is $10. These groups include the World Food Programme, Salvation Army, and Children’s Wish Foundation. Your $10 can make a difference in the lives of many, with just a few taps on your screen. Check out this site  to see a list of charities that accept donations by mobile phone.

Everything is relative, and there will always be a cause that truly needs your money more than you do. Many of us are so lucky to have what we have in life, and it never hurts to take a step back and see just where we throw our hard-earned moolah. It’s never too late to feed your creative, wild, and soft sides, and spend your time and money on what truly matters: feeling good about yourself.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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