How Being Paid To Take Surveys Finally Pays Off

As we are starting to get into the Fall months it won’t be long before Halloween is here. It always seems like Christmas and the holidays sneak up on us shortly after dressing up in our favorite costumes. The only downside to this is all of the gift shopping and having money to buy gifts. We’ve all heard of being paid to take surveys online and I’m sure most of you were curious enough to try it out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before we realize it takes longer to take the survey than building significant money.

I recently decided to give these surveys another try after reading an article about someone who earned their extra spending money through surveys. I can tell you that they have definitely changed since the last time I have tried taking them. After keeping track of my progress I’ve narrowed down the best website and apps to use.

Remember when most of those sites would only allow you to cash out after making at least ten dollars? Well consider that a thing of the past. First on my list is a website called which might help your wallet out a bit. To cash out on this website you only need to earn one dollar. After a dollar is earned (which can be done quickly on this site) you can transfer it directly to your PayPal account. If you don’t have PayPal account, they’re free and link directly to your personal bank account. There’s also no service fees for transferring your money between the accounts. Whatever you make taking surveys is exactly what you will receive. This site has hundreds of options for surveys. If you have some spare time while watching TV you might be surprised how much cash you earn within an hour. Try taking the shorter surveys even if they’re for a couple cents. They tend to add up more quickly than the 20-minute surveys for one dollar.

Another option is an app called Qmee. This app has less of a variety and sometimes you can only do a couple surveys a day. However, there is absolutely no limit on transferring your pay. If you take a 2-minute survey for 30 cents, you can automatically transfer the 30 cents into your PayPal account. These are typically shorter surveys which will help you get through a couple of them in no time. If you use your down time between and Qmee you’ll have some extra spending money pretty quickly. These are the only two so far that seem to have the quickest pay rates. They are also the only two I’ve found with minimal requirements before being able to cash out your pay.

Last on my list is an app called QuickThoughts. This one is a little bit different than the other two. First of all, you need at least ten dollars before collecting your winnings. Secondly, instead of getting cash for your reward, you receive a ten dollar iTunes gift card. However, iTunes gift cards can come in handy for buying the latest movies, music, and gaming apps, right? Even the iTunes gift card itself can be given to someone for the holidays. This app might be more worth your time. Within a two day period and only spending one hour each day on surveys, I cashed in for my ten dollar iTunes gift card. That’s a pretty fast turn around rate for taking surveys, at least the quickest I’ve ever seen. Within a four day period, one hour per day, I cashed in for two $10 iTunes gift cards. That’s $20 in four days with barely any work put in, you can’t beat it.

Getting paid to take surveys is definitely different today. You have more options and more sites or apps to use. There are quicker payouts and payouts that link directly to your PayPal account. However, it can still be time-consuming. Other than QuickThoughts, it will still take a couple of hours at a time to build a significant amount of money. If you have downtime each night, take a couple of surveys though. An extra $10-$20 to spend on your weekend out, is an extra $10-$20 you will have towards gifts this holiday season.

Featured image via Paige Cody on Unsplash


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