5 Books You’ll Regret Waiting So Long To Read

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this summer was about five seconds long. Odds are you’re heading back to school in the next week or two, preparing to be bombarded with assignments, papers, and dreaded class reading lists. One of my favorite ways to chill at school (that is, whenever I have a free minute) is by taking time to read the things I actually want to read. Here are a few of my favorite books I flipped through this past summer:

Me Before You (2013) Jojo Moyes

Probably the first book I’ve binge-read since the Harry Potter series, Me Before You honestly made my heart hurt in all the best (and worst) ways. I’m sure you’ve heard the premise (I swear this is everyone’s summer must-read), but let me recap real quick: Louisa Clarke accepts a temporary 6-month position as a caregiver to a quadriplegic, Will Traynor. Louisa and Will are complete opposites, but slowly they develop an extremely touching relationship. They change each other in massive ways in such a short period of time: Louisa gives Will happiness that he hadn’t experienced in so long, and Will gives Louisa the determination to live her life fully and not let it go to waste. Before you see it in theaters, give the book a read first – it’s worth it.

Something Blue (2005) Emily Giffin

I’m probably about a decade too late in reading this one, but oh well. The creative writer in me absolutely adores Emily Giffin’s style of writing, and her A+ character development. Something Blue, about shallow, manipulative people who learn that they can’t always get their way, is like a juicy, guilty pleasure. Protagonist Darcy Rhone is hilariously bitchy, and I found myself unable to put the book down. What follows is a bumpy personal journey as Darcy evolves from an extremely self-centered person (who, at times, honestly made me want to reach into the book and shake some sense into her) into someone who can actually take part in a real relationship. Chick lit at its finest, y’all.

The Husband’s Secret (2015) Liane Moriarty

Just finished this one up the other day. If you’re into the whole drama-and-intrigue thing, this book is definitely for you. The novel’s three main characters, Cecilia, Rachel and Tess, are all experiencing major upheavals in their lives, and are also all connected by one husband’s darkest secret. This book raises a lot of moral and ethical questions, delving into the blurred line between what’s right and what’s wrong. Believe me, you’ll be thinking about this one long after you’ve put it down.

Girls in White Dresses (2012) Jennifer Close

A book that follows a group of 20-somethings in New York City as they attend wedding after wedding and baby shower after baby shower, this quick read was also written by one of my college professors (so I may be slightly biased). Even so, it’s a refreshingly real read, anecdotal and insightful. Amazon.com accurately writes:

“With a wry sense of humor, Jennifer Close brings us through those thrilling, bewildering years of early adulthood as she pulls us inside the circle of these friends, perfectly capturing the wild frustrations and soaring joys of modern life.”

The Rosie Project (2014) Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project is a hilariously sweet mix of The Big Bang Theory and your favorite rom-com. Delightfully awkward genetics professor Don Tillman finds his whole existence flipped upside down after the quirky, complex Rosie responds to his extensive questionnaire, aimed at finding him his perfect wife. While Don may be wired differently – mentally assessing the age and BMI of everyone he meets and creating a Standardized Meal Plan, for example – his integrity and determination make it impossible not to empathize with him as he navigates the dating world.

So, there you have it: a few of my Summer ‘16 reading picks. I hope you enjoy one or two of them before fall semester rears its ugly head. Don’t fret, though: when sweater weather hits, you can still enjoy these reads while curled up in your favorite pair of fuzzy socks with a hot cup of tea in hand – and what could be better than that? I’m always open to new book suggestions, too, so fire ‘em at me in the comments and let me know what your top picks are!

Featured image via Alex Gállego on Pexels


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