15 Unforgettable Things Ross Geller Taught You About Life

One show that I can say has been there for me through good times and bad, is Friends. When I’m sad, happy, angry, confused – it doesn’t matter. I’ll just pull out one of the many DVD season sets I have in my closet and laugh and cry with the characters as if I’m actually there with them. I’ve learned so much from all of them over the years, but to me the one that stands out the most would be Ross, with all of his wisdom and guidance. Although there are many viewers who find him pretentious, or more notoriously, a cheater, fans have to admit that he’s a very insightful character. I’ve absorbed advice from him that has helped me countless times.

Here are 15 life lessons that we learned from Ross Geller: 

  1. How to get out of an awkward situation. 
  2. UNAGI. 
  3. Don’t take shit from other people, like when someone at work ate Ross’s sandwich. 
  4. The difference between your and you’re. 
  5. That some people celebrate different holidays during the winter season. 
  6. That honesty is the best policy. 
  7. Beauty takes time. 
  8. That it’s okay to embrace your inner nerd. 
  9. Wearing leather pants on a date is a no-go. 
  10. Never EVER count “mississippily”. 
  11. You have to own up to your mistakes. And sometimes get a laugh out of them.  
  12. How to know when something is morally wrong. 
  13. When you find out your significant other plays for the other team, you make the best of it. 
  14. A nap can be had anywhere with anyone. 
  15. And finally, that you should always chase after your dreams. 

The spirit animal of big and small citizens alike, his personality resembles many of us in this world. Whether serious or stupid, we can always count on Ross to yield the perfect piece of advice for many situations.

Featured Image via screengrab from Friends


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