Why It Really Doesn’t Matter When You Decide To Have Sex

Nowadays it’s almost shocking when one of your girlfriends tell you how their date they went on went and she informs you that she didn’t hook up with him. You’re proud of her, but at the same time asking *why* in your head. Welcome to 2016. We now live in a world where [for the most part] we can get “away” with a lot more than, say, our parents could back in the day. 

It’s a blessing in disguise really, because although it may seem slutty to explore our feelings with someone, whenever we feel like doing so, it allows us to take the relationship to the next level at the pace we want without feeling the intense guilt. To really know someone and to see if you’re compatible with them it makes sense for some people to do so in a more intimate sense.

Of course there are going to be people who are “old fashioned” and would rather wait and would take issue with my perspective, but let me list a few reasons why it really shouldn’t matter what date you decide to have sex on:

You’re Physically Attracted To Them

It’s not complicated. We are visual beings and when we see another attractive person, urges come up and we want to act on them. Who’s to really say we can’t on date number 2?


It could just be that you’re enjoying your time, you’ve had a bit to drink with dinner and so has he, so you both just decide to go for it. He’s there, you’re there and wanting to – it just makes sense. Why not if you both want to?

It’s A Deciding Factor

Let’s face it ladies, some of us want to know right away if the sex will be worth it. Not to be crass, but I am sure if it was terrible and you just didn’t connect with that person on that intimate level, it wouldn’t be tempting for you to stick around.

It’s 2016

A lot has changed over the years. Women are finally able to make their own choices without restrictions and can do things for themselves, and this is just another instance where we have a say in what we want and we have the choice to follow through.

Plain And Simple, It’s Your Life

You’re going to learn that anything you do in life is going to be judged and critiqued by someone. So you might as well go ahead and make the decisions YOU feel comfortable making. At the end of the day, even if you made a mistake, it was your mistake to make and your mistake to learn from.

It’s kind of an amazing thing – that we are able to make decisions that best suit our needs and that includes who we have sex with and when. There have been too many times where I think about what I should be doing rather than what I genuinely want to be doing and it makes the world of difference. It plays a big role in my happiness, because I think we can all agree that making a decision you feel comfortable with is much more satisfying than someone else’s opinion is.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying please sleep with every person you come in contact with, but if you go on a date and it goes well and you are comfortable taking it to the next level on the second date or twentieth date – do your thing girl. Do what is going to make you happy and ultimately satisfy you, because at the end of the day, the only person who is looking out for you, is you.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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