10 Thoughts You Should Have When He Kisses You

If you’ve ever found yourself kissing your boyfriend/partner/husband and wondering if this is what it’s supposed to feel like, because who knows what it feels like for anybody else, then wonder no more. I’ve whittled it down to ten of the most important thoughts that you should have at some point or another when the RIGHT man’s lips meet yours.

1. This just feels right, y’know?

Like we were born to kiss each other. I hope he feels it too. I’m sure he feels it because it wouldn’t feel so damn good otherwise. His lips were tailor-made for mine, no two ways about it. You know when you get a great feeling about something, deep down inside of yourself, like this is exactly what you’re meant to be doing right here in this moment? Yeah – that’s what a kiss with your man should feel like.

2. He is so freaking HOT it’s unreal.

He’s hot, I’m hot, and I’m definitely thinking about how our kids would be absolute stunnersNext Top Model material for sure (shhhhh we’ll keep that on the down-low for now).

reactions damn americas next top model tyra banks

3I can’t imagine kissing anybody else.

Not even Adam Levine if he turned up right now. Shirtless. I would enjoy that though…

Adam Levine and his shirt aside, even the mere thought of my lips touching someone else’s feels all sorts of wrong. I barely notice other guys when I’m out, and even when I’m mid-conversation with a really attractive guy, it no longer gives me those butterflies in the pit of my stomach – I only get those from you.

adam levine maroon five adam noah levine


4th of July, explosions in the sky, sparks flying, passion blazing, that I just want you here and now kinda feeling. I can’t really explain it but if I had to – it’s like an electric current coursing through our entire bodies, and when our lips meet we can both feel that buzzing energy zipping back and forth between us. This is what they mean when they talk about chemistry. And this can only happen when the right two people are lucky enough to meet each other, under fate’s watchful eye.

leonardo dicaprio smiling fireworks happy new year the great gatsby
5. I could do this forever.

Well, a reeeeeally long time, until I got hungry. We could just take a quick pizza break and get right back to this. Seriously though, I am completely lost in the moment when he’s kissing me, my mind doesn’t wander, and I feel so mellowed out – is this what they call mindfulness? Because if it is, I promise to practice it every single day.

gabriella-sanchez pizza heart dating flirting

6. We could be a scene out of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel.

It really is that epic. We could totally rival Landon & Jamie, sat under the night sky watching the stars right now. That’s how it feels when I’m kissing you – like we are that scene out of the most romantic movie/novel of all time, and I just know that regardless of what life throws our way, we’re going to get our happy ending.  

7. I wonder if he can hear my heart beating?

It sounds like it might leap right out of my body at any moment and get jammed in my throat. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Who knew your heart could beat so fast? I hope this is just excitement and I’m not actually having a heart attack right now…

giphy (77)

8. All those slimy frogs were worth finding this.

And you probably kissed a LOT of those frogs, I know I did. But the thing is, it takes a string of disappointments and heartbreak in order to really appreciate your Prince when he finally shows up. Yes, you have permission to scream ‘WHAT TOOK YOU SO FRICKIN’ LONG?!!!,’ but count yourself one of the very lucky ones right now, because not every girl is fortunate enough to make her way past the hoppers.    

funny frog muppets kermit caco

9. Is this real life?

Please tell me this isn’t one of those moments where I’m going to bolt upright at the sound of my alarm clock blaring in my ear ten minutes later, and realize that I dreamed the whole damn thing? *Tries to pinch self subtly while still lip-locking*

giphy (78)10. I don’t want this to end!

Does it really have to end? Really? No, let’s just kiss a little more, we’ve got time.
If you got to the end of this list thinking, ‘wow this girl is good,’ then you can rest assured that you are with the right man. giphy (79)However, if you got to this point and you’re thinking ‘what the hell is this girl going on about, I ain’t seeing no fireworks,’ then it’s likely whoever you’re kissing right now is not the guy for you.

Don’t ever settle for less than FIREWORKS ladies.  

Featured image via Helena Lopes on Pexels


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