How To Choose The Best Accommodation For A Digital Nomad

Woman Working By Accommodation Pool As Digital Nomad

Living a nomadic lifestyle is a dream of many people, especially today when we are all so bound to our gadgets yet hungry to break free. The digital nomad experience allows you to explore the world, get out of your comfort zone and live life to the fullest with the people you love (and those you’re yet to love). However, it also comes with its own set of challenges, which for most digital nomads start with finding the best accommodation. For successful remote work, we all need a practical setting that will allow us to unwind and work without interruptions, and also be affordable with our pay. 

Here are some suggestions for finding the best accommodation as a digital nomad that will allow you to live a fulfilled life as a worker, traveler, partner and citizen of the world.

1. Consider your budget 

Living as a digital nomad can either be very cost-effective or very detrimental to your budget–it all depends on the location you choose and how you decide to spend your money. Depending on the area and the type of accommodation, apartment fees can vary substantially, so it’s crucial to decide how much you are willing to spend each month on housing, and stick to your spending plan. Take into account lodging options that provide discounts for extended stays, especially if you’re planning to settle down at your location for more than a year. 

2. Define your needs

Consider what you need from your living space to feel comfortable, effective, and joyful. Start by listing your absolute needs, such as dependable high-speed internet, a comfy bed, a desk or office, a peaceful setting, and an eco-friendly vibe which is a must for all those people who love to travel in a sustainable manner. Then, take into account your nice-to-haves, such as having access to a gym or fitness facility, laundromats, or a pool. It’s necessary to take into account your work preferences, your industry, and your working style when looking around or browsing the internet. And of course, be realistic and understand that you most likely won’t find a hotel or motel that will satisfy all your professional and personal needs. 

3. Check the location

The location of your new home is always a big deal, but it’s especially important for digital nomads because your accommodation needs to be conveniently located near your work, as well as all the fun locations you want to visit. Also, do not be afraid to roam a little away from the city center. For instance, when looking for Salt Lake City apartments, pay special attention to those located in the suburbs and other areas not too popular with tourists. Why? Well, you’ll get all the peace you need for successful digital work, enjoy great prices and still be able to enjoy all the benefits of your new location during your downtime. 

4. Research your options

Digital nomads today have a wide variety of accommodation options available (hotels, hostels, apartments, and co-living spaces) and before settling on one alternative, it is crucial to conduct a thorough study of the pros and cons of each living spot. Consider the location of each option, the features it provides, and the cost. For instance, hotels provide comfort and peace but can be pricey for extended stays. Hostels are a cost-effective choice, although they might not be as cozy or private as hotels. Although apartments provide privacy and comfort, they can not have as many amenities as hotels or co-living areas. Co-living areas promote social interaction and a sense of community, but they might lack the privacy and peace necessary for work. By looking into your options, you can make a proper decision and make sure you find a place that suits your needs, your ideas, your budget and the lifestyle you’re trying to build.

5. Read the fine print

You probably know this, but make sure to take your time and read everything thoroughly when signing any contracts. Verify the refund policy, security deposit, and any other costs. Make sure you are familiar with the accommodations’ rules and regulations. Your stay’s cost may go up if some accommodations demand a security deposit or housekeeping fee. In the event that you need to cancel your reservation (which often happens to frequent travelers), certain places might have tight cancellation policies that could cost you even more money. You can prevent any unpleasant surprises or unforeseen charges during your stay by carefully reading the fine print. 
Becoming a digital nomad can change your life from the core, and whether it will be changed for the better or worse strongly depends on your accommodation. With the tips listed here, we’re sure you can find a place to call your own, no matter if you’re staying only a few weeks or as long as a few years. When you make the right living choice, you can work and travel with ease and comfort, and make your career, travel and relationship dreams come true.

Photo by Yan Krukau on Pexels


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