6 Underrated Websites You Need To Check Out Right Now

Author David Thorne once wrote about how “The Internet is a Playground” and he certainly was not wrong. From stumbling upon new web pages to creating a rainstorm inside your bedroom, the internet is filled with possibilities! The internet can be used for entertainment, work or education at any time of the day. Check out these six websites to experience the wonders of the internet and seek out some hidden gems you never thought to click on.

1. Stumbleupon

After creating a free account on Stumbleupon, users can select the magical “Stumble” button and find themselves stumbling upon various web pages based on their account’s personalized interests. Throughout stumbling, users can like and dislike the pages they land on to personalize their interests even more. Any personal content, be it a blog, poem, story, etc., can be shared to Stumbleupon just like any social media shortcut. Allowing Stumbleupon to help your site traffic grow could help you gain the views you’ve dreamed of and start you on your journey to internet fame.

2. Good.co

If you’re looking for a new career change, look no further. Good.co can help you figure out your ideal job style and work environment. This site will offer suggestions on companies in its database that may help you with your job searching needs.

3. AllPaws

When searching for a new furry companion, the internet is a playground. AllPaws allows you to search through thousands of furry friends looking for their fur-ever homes from one website. Once you choose your favorite furry friends, you can easily contact the poster through the site.

4. Shit You Can Afford

Just as the title suggests, Shit You Can Afford offers products from Amazon.com that are all under $20. This site allows anyone to find cheap gifts for any occasion. They even have prank and gag gifts!

5. Scribble Maps

If you’ve ever dreamed of drawing all over maps to mark your next road trip, marking all the tiny landmarks along the way only to realize you ended up scrolling to a completely different country, now is your time to shine! Scribble Maps is based on “Google Maps” but can be customized to any scribbling needs.

6. Rainy Mood

Need to focus on studying for that final? Wanna take a nap without deafening silence? Now you can listen to the soothing sounds of rain right from your laptop.

You should now be completely rid of all boredom during your daily internet scrolling. Congratulations! If you still find yourself bored after strolling through the web, feel free to check out some more of what Unwritten has to offer!

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