An Open Letter To Instagram Who Is Trying To Screw Over Your Likes

Times are changing … and as someone who does not like change, that’s a problem for me. Instagram will now use a new algorithm to predict which photos that the user is most likely to like. These photos will appear higher in their feeds which is different than its current chronological feed. The new system does not have an official release date but is currently being selectively tested. While it seems like a small change – it’s bound to affect how you scroll through your feed.

Dear Instagram,

I have been a loyal user since the beginning. I understand that change is part of the growing process and new updates are always welcomed. I was happy when Instagram got a makeover and added new filters, a layout option, and new settings. However, not all change is for the better. My interests are changing every single day.

I’m a 22-year-old Millennial, how could they not be? How can you predict what photos I’ll like over other photos? I only follow people on Instagram because I’m interested in their photos¬†equally. For the photos that I am curious about – there’s always the Discover page. On the surface, Instagram has allowed me to discover new clothing stores, workouts, meal ideas, inspirational, and hilarious pages, and DIY products.

Personally, Instagram has allowed me to keep up with my friends’ adventures in a simple way. I can see from a photo just how much fun they’re having, where they are, or what’s running through their head. I like almost all the photos on my feed as I scroll through because I like them all. I wouldn’t follow these people if I wasn’t interested in their photos. I don’t want to have to turn on notifications for the people I follow, I want to be able to scroll through my timeline at the end of the day and just see everything and everyone I follow.

Speaking from a Millennial standpoint – don’t screw over my likes. I already have a hard enough time getting 11+ likes. I’m sure that no one will favor my photos with friends over an ~artsy~ photo. The best part of Instagram being chronological is that when I sit down with my glass of wine at the end of the day ready to unwind, I know exactly where I left off on the app. I can scroll, like, and comment through the day’s Instagram posts until I reach where I left off.

I get to see everything equally and honestly, how are you going to tell me which posts I’m more likely to like? I’m constantly changing what I’m into every day so please don’t tell me what I’ll like more Instagram. So, please don’t screw us over with this new algorithm.

An avid Instagram user

PS. I’m not the only one sincerely pissed off. John Mayer read my mind, and said exactly what needed to be said.

I’m wondering the same thing Andrea.¬†Others are asking followers to turn on notifications so that their work will be seen.

There is no good coming out of this change Instagram, please only fix what is needed to be fixed and leave the rest.

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