Is It Wrong To Kiss Your Kid? Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Think So

What started out as a sweet snap of a mother and daughter suddenly turned into an opportunity for the world to harshly criticize an individual’s parenting. However this time they’re attacking a celebrity mom.

Victoria Beckham is under fire for posting this adorable picture on Instagram of her kissing her daughter Harper on the lips.

People are absolutely outraged that “Posh Spice” posted a picture of this particular display of affection. A lot of fans believe that it’s inappropriate to kiss your child on the lips, and it’s sparking a lot of discussion on social media.

Some of the comments left on the image read: “It’s nice, but you’re not supposed to kiss your child on the lips. I’m not trying to be rude.” “Not a fan of kissing kids on the lips, that’s just me.” And, “This is borderline pornographic.”

Beckham was also called a horrible mother, and a lesbian.

The BBC quoted someone as saying, “It’s not a good habit to get into,” because, “it’s as if simply by responding to a kiss from your child on the lips is basically instruction for them to go kiss anyone and everyone on the lips.” Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t to me.

What I don’t get is why people are offended by this and think it’s unreasonable for a mother to kiss her own child. It should be a parents decision what they find inappropriate, and clearly this is something she’s okay with! She loves her daughter and you can see that!

I am not a mother, but I feel like kissing your children is a natural and beautiful thing. I could only imagine the wonderful moment when you have a baby and they’re at that stage where they learn how to “kiss” people. Sure it’s a wet and slobbery mess, but it shows you that they are learning about how to show affection. When kids are young they don’t necessarily know how to express themselves through words, and kissing is a sign of how they show love.

It’s a stepping stone in their development.

Obviously as your child grows up it’s a lot different, or if your child is kissing their siblings on the lips past a certain age as well. Remember when Angelina Jolie was harshly criticized for kissing her brother James on the lips on the Oscars red carpet back in 2000? That was genuinely uncomfortable and still doesn’t sit right with me or thousands of others. But this is not the same circumstance as the Beckham’s are facing and you can’t compare them.

Despite the hate, mom’s are showing their support for the fashion designer by posting their own pictures of them kissing their kids in a really cool and modern mom movement. She has yet to respond to the comments, nor has her hunky husband David Beckham.

Every parent can do whatever they want, it’s their choice. I can tell you that when I do have kids that I will most definitely be showering them with kisses. But when the time comes and they refuse to give me a kiss at the school yard or bus stop, the lip kissing will stop.

Featured Image via Victoria Beckham.


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