6 Things You Need To Do To Get Yourself Ready For Spring

It’s not just a change in weather — the switch from winter to spring brings transition into your life, too. An internal shift isn’t always as natural as the one happening outdoors. It generally takes our bodies a bit more time to adjust to the changes in not only weather, but attitudes, mindset and, yes, even wardrobe!

You can take steps to get ready for each season as it comes. And no, we don’t necessarily mean you should bust out your spaghetti strap tops and flip flops just yet (unless you want to, I guess!). Instead, you can prepare yourself mentally for the switch by taking small steps toward a seamless swap from winter to spring. Here are six ways to do it right:

1. Eat Fresh

A great way to start enjoying spring is to eat the fruits and vegetables that are harvested this time of year. More and more produce comes into season as the weather changes. You can pick up a lot of these fresh products year-round, but they taste best when it’s their time of year to grow.

So? Mark the end of winter comfort foods, soups and stews with a fresh salad or sandwich that perfectly complements the crisp weather — and you can enjoy a similar menu all season long!

2. Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Chances are good your wintertime skincare regimen focused on hydrating your dry skin. While moisturizer is an integral part of any epidermal regimen, you should switch your focus elsewhere come spring.

With the sun back out in full force, ensure that you have all of the proper sunscreens you need. You should be wearing it year-round, of course, but take time this spring to double-check your supply of SPF. Although some makeup powders and foundation creams say they include this protection, they’re nothing compared to a dedicated facial sunscreen. Start using the that along with a lip gloss or balm that will protect your lips  area from the sun’s rays, too.

3. Swap Out Unnecessary Items

In the winter, we have to worry about weather-related uncertainties, like our cars breaking down or losing control in the midst of a snowstorm. As such, maybe you currently have a heavy stash of items like blankets, shovels or ice scrapers hanging around in your car.

But spring’s potential emergency situations will bring different challenges. You can remove winter-specific items like traction sand and snow brushes from your car, keeping things like road flares and jumper cables on hand — you can use those year-round. Double-check that your in-home emergency kit is also full and ready for springtime storms. Batteries, jugs of water, flashlights, a crank radio and non-perishable food are some common must-haves.

4. Brighten Your Wardrobe

Transitioning from a winter wardrobe to a spring one is tough because the weather takes a while to level out. You might have a cold day followed by a scorching one, so you have to ready your wardrobe for both situations!That’s why the first step in preparing your spring wardrobe is to keep some sweaters on-hand to get you through the chillier days. Light jackets can do the trick, too. Then, layer your clothes so you can comfortably handle brisk mornings and warm afternoons by slipping off a warmer outer layer to reveal a lighter one beneath.

Finally, don’t be afraid of colors and prints in spring. Winter greys may have inspired a more neutral look, but let the springtime landscape encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Floral prints, stripes, polka dots — any brightly colored pattern will make you look as cheerful as the season unfolding around you.

5. Get Moving

Winter weather kept you indoors for days on end, but the sun and breeze are begging you to come outside now. And because the days will start getting warm enough for you to spend lots of time outdoors, it’s the perfect time to get back into an exercise routine that takes place in the sunshine.

The ways to work out in nature are endless. Something as simple as a walk through the local park will get your heart pumping. You can try something more creative, too, like sailing classes or walking dogs for your local animal shelter.

6. Bolster Your Immune System

Some of the tips mentioned above will help you achieve this one, too, but you should take additional steps to fortify your body’s defenses as the weather changes from cold to hot. As temperatures rise and dip throughout the week, our bodies can be more prone to catching a cold. On top of that, springtime allergies strike as pollen and other irritants appear with the warm weather.

You won’t be able to prevent every illness, but you can take steps to build up your immune system throughout this season and beyond. You can do so with ample sleep, an improved diet and regular exercise.

Hopefully you’re now prepared for a healthy, happy and well-dressed season. After months of winter cold, it’s safe to say that most of us are more than ready for spring to hurry up and get here. The warm weather is exciting enough. Stride confidently into spring knowing you’re physically and emotionally ready.

Photo by Toni Hukkanen on Unsplash


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