6 Ways To Save Money And Still Live Like A Boss

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to become an adult but now that I’ve finally hit that stage in life, I can honestly say now I understand why people complain about money so much. Luckily for me I’ve always been good with my money and my father has drilled me well on how to balance my finances. My friends call me cheap, but I call myself cautious. Here are my tips on how to save your money while still being able to spend it, and not having to be a crazy coupon lady.

  1. Use Cash Only

You know that piece of plastic in your wallet called a credit card? That is very dangerous! Same with debit cards. Because you have the ability to spend your money until a certain limit prevents you from doing so, you tend to lose control of how much you spent in a day. Using cash allows you to physically see what you’re spending and makes your budget more manageable.

  1. Have a Monthly Limit

I find this technique helps me a lot in my day-to-day life. At the beginning of every month I take out $100 and my goal is to not spend more than that. That way I have to live off of that money as if my life depended on it. If I know I have an event I have to spend a decent amount of moula on, I don’t usually count that as part of my goal. Any money I have left over from the entire month gets carried over to the next month and I don’t take any more out unless I need to. Pick an amount that’s realistic for you!

  1. Don’t Eat Out

I know it’s so easy to order dinner on an app and have it delivered to your house, but it wastes so much of your money to do that on a daily basis. By making your own food you can control how much you cook, and if you make enough you can have leftovers to last you for another meal. Not only does it keep your wallet fat, it makes your body the opposite. (Kill two birds with one stone if you can!)

  1. Sales

My sister and I swear by shopping during a good sale. We walk into a store and go straight to the discount section. You may find some pieces that are out of season, but if you’re spending $16 on an original $40 item, who cares!? Bargain shopping is such a fulfilling thing, especially if you love to shop.

  1. Pre-Drink

Before I go out with my girls to get our groove on, you bet your bottom dollar we start drinking before we leave. That way we don’t have to spend an insane amount of money at the club for drinks! It gives you more money for a cab to get to and from the party responsibly. Plus it provides you with plenty of time for cute pictures before you turn into a slob kabob.

  1. Know When To Splurge

Although I try to be as painfully cheap as possible, I do know which items I should indulge on. Every woman needs a few good pair of shoes, and good shoes cost good money. And buying two good purses per year are also a great way to spend money, because you know you will get your money’s worth and more out of them.

The benefits of being cautious with spending your hard-earned cash are well worth the struggle. I know it’s hard but following these tips will greatly help save money in no time. The more you save now, the more you’ll be able to spend in the future, and make it rain on all your poor friends.

Featured image via Pixabay on Pexels


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