6 Reasons A Relationship Is The Last Thing I Want Right Now

Lately, it seems like I am surrounded by couples. Everywhere I turn, I see people holding hands and stealing kisses when they think no one is looking. It’s like they are trying to taunt me and luring me into the dark side with them. If this were two years ago, my loneliness would drive me to embark upon the greatest manhunt of my existence. Now, however, I can see them happy and be happy for them. I may even snap a pic of them if they ask me to. And here’s why:

1. I’m so close to the career I’ve always dreamed of.

It’s been a long time coming and I haven’t been completely focused on my future. And I realize now that it’s because iI have been too focused on my relationships and not enough on school or my career. I am so close to living my dream I can almost taste it. Having a significant other could get in the way of that; no thank you.

2. I don’t have to shave my legs.

Shaving has always been such a hassle for me and waxes scare me to death. Not having a boyfriend has been amazing because I don’t have to worry about shaving to make myself sexy for them. The only person feeling my legs is me and I don’t care if they feel like a wooly mammoth. It keeps me warm at night and since I don’t have anyone to cuddle up to, I need all the help I can get.

3. Holidays are much less expensive.

My career is going to be taking off in just a couple of years and it’s going to be expensive. I need to spend my time-saving up for my future. I don’t have to buy car parts or signed baseball jerseys that are just going to end up in the back of their closet. I can spend my money on and my friends and family. Mostly me. And my shoe fetish.

4. Being single means tons of meaningless flirting.

You see a hot guy at a restaurant? Go ahead and wink. Get an “I miss you” text from an old flame? There’s no crime in meeting him for “coffee”. You can do whatever you want with whoever you want and most importantly, you don’t have to feel bad or explain your reasoning for it to anyone. You get a chance to have fun, no strings attached. This freedom feels awesome.

5. You get to spend more time with friends.

Being single means you’ve got just enough free time to go out and spend time with your besties. You don’t have to worry about bringing the ball and chain or feeling bad for not inviting them. Best of all is you don’t have to spend every second talking with them or ensuring they are having a good time. Or, God forbid, ditching your friends to be with them. Priorities.

6. No awkward dinners with their family.

Sure, every once in a while you have that significant other with the family that you actually like, but a lot of the times family dinners mean awkward smiles and a lot of staring into space, along with some humiliating questions from their mothers. Gone are the days where I have to worry about that nonsense. A hookup will most likely NEVER ask you to meet their family. And if they do, you run. Run fast.

Having a significant other is a great experience and hopefully one day I will get to that point in my life again. But right now I am having a blast being alone and enjoying the single life, hairy legs and all.

Featured image via Keenan Constance on Pexels



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