The Truth About Laser Hair Removal That No One Tells You About

If you’ve ever been curious about the process of laser hair removal, I don’t blame you. It’s actually fascinating to learn about because it’s not common with people who aren’t celebrities. Mostly due to the fact that it’s so expensive in some places. However, there are some interesting facts to know about the treatment types, how it works, and how long it actually takes.

Since starting my journey through the process of getting a Brazilian done, I’ve learned a lot, and I have some information I would like to share with those who are also inquiring about it.

How It Works

Basically, the laser searches for dark pigments. So when it zaps your skin, it hits the hair, which then burns all the way down to the hair follicle. Once at the hair follicle, it then burns it from the root and kills the follicle which will cause hair to no longer grow. It will essentially die over various time periods of getting zapped. Usually, it takes at least 12 sessions of treatments to fully get rid of your hair, if not, maybe a few more just for maintenance.

It Doesn’t Work on All Skin/Hair Colors

Laser hair removal works best on pale skin and dark and thick hair. Each laser is different so it searches for different things on the surface of your skin to burn. Obviously, if you have darker skin, it will burn your skin and not just your hair. Additionally, blonde hair and light brown hair does not work because it’s not dark enough to be noticed by the laser.

It Doesn’t Always Hurt

Some salons put on a cooling gel to help numb the pain. I would describe the pain to be more like a slight burn – as if someone held a lighter to your skin and quickly pulled it away. Some also have a cooling fan you can hold over the area to cool yourself.

It Takes At Least 6 Sessions to See Some Progress

Every person and ever laser is different so there’s no consistent expectancy. But generally, all technicians say that by session 6, you will notice a huge difference in yourself. I actually found by session three I was already seeing progress and now that I’m at session 7, I only have tiny patches of hair left.

Sometimes, You Can’t Shave While Getting It Done, But That’s Okay

Most salons urge you to shave between treatments and to be completely smooth before coming in. The laser I’m using needs to see a lot of hair to work, so I can’t shave between treatments – which sucks! A lot of reviews say if they need hair it’s a scam, but I find I’m losing hair quicker than my friends who have to shave between theirs, so you should speak to a technician before starting treatments.

The Way You’ll Be Able To See the Difference

Signs you’ll notice when it’s working include hair growing thinner and becoming flimsy, and your skin will become significantly smoother once it stops growing. The biggest sign is it takes longer to grow hair. Your sessions may be every 4-6 weeks when you start, but you may need to only go once every 9 weeks once your hair starts to stop growing back.

Each Session Takes Literally No Time

Lips, armpits, and chin all take approximately two minutes, and bikini lines literally take two to five minutes if that. A Brazilian, which is what I’m getting, takes not even ten minutes to accomplish. It’s a lot faster than waxing!

It’s Expensive AF

Good salons charge more because it works. If you notice a salon offers it for cheap, their laser is more likely a scam or unlikely to work. You can find cheaper discounts on Groupon for a lot of spas and clinics, as well as waiting for flash sales. Anniversary sales are usually the way to go. Always consider that.

It’s Normal to Feel Like You Have a Slight Sunburn After Treatments

Because your skin is being exposed to extreme heat and light in some very intimate areas, it may make you feel a slight afterburn or like you have a sunburn for up to a day after treatment.

You Can’t Be In The Sun While In The Treatment

Because you’re exposing your skin to a laser that can alter the pigment to your skin, you shouldn’t get a tan or be exposed to the sun on the areas you’re getting treatment. It puts you at risk of skin damage, burns, and other complications. Plus, if you have a tan in that area, they can’t treat you. It’s best to start treatments in the fall/winter.

It Can Remove Freckles, Birthmarks and Dark Spots From Your Skin

Laser hair removal actually was discovered by technicians who were treating patients who wanted dark spot/birthmark removal. When they zapped their skin, they noticed over time that hair loss occurred. So don’t be surprised if over time you may lose freckles, or dark spots might get lighter or even disappear.

Before You Buy, Book an Orientation With The Salon to Ensure Their Laser Will Work on Your Hair/Skin Type

This is my biggest recommendation as it’s important to know if the laser will work for your skin type. Sometimes, one type of laser will work on you more than the other, so it’s crucial to ask the technicians who are experienced and know hair and skin types, as well as how the machinery works. Once you buy the treatments, you won’t get refunded.

Laser hair removal is a very popular and effective technique for those of us looking for lasting effects. If you’ve been considering it for a while, I would highly recommend it! I’m almost done my treatments and have been beyond pleased with my results! It’s easily been one of the best investments I’ve ever made and can’t wait to do more parts of my body. I hope these tips help give you some information they may not tell you at the salons to help make your decision easier!

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