5 Signs That Prove He’s Not Ready For Commitment

You’ve been talking to this guy for awhile. You like him, you’ve hung out a couple of times, but you can’t tell if he’s really trying to get to know you or he’s after something else. It’s not always black and white with guys. Sometimes he’s so sweet and then you don’t hear from him for a week. Here are 5 signs that he is a classic fuckboy.

  1. He hasn’t taken you on an actual date

This guy hasn’t taken you out on a real date. I’m sorry, but drinks or coffee don’t count. Like he took you out and y’all had a good conversation for a few hours. He’s not looking for a girlfriend if he’s just trying to get you to come to his house to Netflix and Chill. I don’t care if he didn’t use those exact words. If you’re only driving to his place at late hours in the night, he’s not looking for commitment.

  1. He has really bad communication skills

This guy is always leaving you in the dark. You hardly ever know what’s going on. But when he sends you that “hey what’s up” text you get all giddy inside. Run away now. If a guy is genuinely interested in you, he’s not going to take hours to text you back. He’s not going to leave you guessing about what he wants from you. He will be a man and tell you what he wants and communicate. If a guy wants to be with you, he will let you know. Simple as that. So put down your phone and stop sending screenshots to your friends asking how to decode that text. He’s not worth it babe.

  1. He doesn’t know what he wants his future to look like

If you like someone, you should have a conversation about what each of you want in the future. It’s only natural to be interested in how someone sees their future. Something like what their occupation will be in a few years, where they want to live etc. If a guy has no clue what his future looks like, how can you be a part of that? Don’t settle for a guy who is just seeing how far he gets with you.

  1. He will only text you

A guy that only texts doesn’t really mean a lot. I understand that some women prefer texting and that’s ok if you like it, but texts are easy. They require little effort and you can send them to a million girls at the same time. Do you know what takes time and effort? Actually picking up the phone and having a real conversation with you. If he takes time out of his day to do this, he likes you.  If not, he’s probably not looking for commitment because he sure as hell isn’t showing any.

  1. His job

Someone’s job can say a lot about them. I’m not being materialistic here and saying money is everything. I’m saying what does he spend the majority of his life doing? Does he have a passion for it? Does he really like his job? Is that what he went to school for, or is it just to pay the bills? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there, with a job I didn’t really like, but I needed to be able to survive. But is he at least trying to find something he’s passionate about? If he really doesn’t care about his job and he’s just going through the motions he’s not the type you want to settle down with.

If you’re into relationships this guy is just not going to cut it. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t settle for a fb. Know your worth, and know you deserve a guy that will move mountains for you because you’re the type of girl that would do the same for him. Keep your chin up girl, he’s out there and the faster you stop putting up with this shit,  the faster you’ll find that great guy.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


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