Why #HeteroSexualPrideDay May Be The Dumbest Trend Yet

Today, the hashtag #heterosexualprideday has made its unfortunate way into the trending feeds on social media. This hashtag has been extremely controversial due to the idea that should heterosexuals have a pride day. Supporters are insisting that it is just a day to celebrate being straight and should not be taken offensively. Opponents believe that heterosexual pride day is meant to mock the oppression faced by the LGBT community. These arguments beg the question, is a heterosexual pride day really necessary for our society?

Some would say yes, we celebrate everyone else, why wouldn’t we celebrate straight people? Others (including myself- a straight female), believe that we have no reason to celebrate such a day. Heterosexuals are not oppressed so why would we need to draw attention to that? I mean, it’s not like I had to “come out” to my parents and face the chance of being disowned by my friends and family; I wasn’t bullied in school for my sexuality; I do not get scared that I will be fired from my job because of my sexuality; I won’t be denied a service due to my sexuality. Unfortunately not everyone in society can say the same.

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If there is ANYTHING that the Orlando shooting taught us, it is that we do not need a Heterosexual pride day. A gunman went into a gay night club and killed 49 innocent people solely because of their sexuality. When was the last time a gunman went into a straight club and did the same because of their sexuality? From what I can remember, never. Heterosexuals do not live in fear of these hate crimes.

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Am I saying that we shouldn’t be proud and celebrate being straight? No, not by any means! It’s important to love who you are and celebrate who you are. Should a day have been picked that isn’t right in the middle of Pride Month? Definitely. Throwing Heterosexual pride day right in the middle of Pride month is like a slap on the face to the LGBTQ community.

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In all honesty, we should be glad that we don’t need a heterosexual pride day though. That means we haven’t been discriminated against and we aren’t in any danger for our sexuality. We can celebrate our sexuality any day but the LGBTQ community can’t.

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