Your Guide To Work Appropriate Clothing In The Summer Heat

As the summer sun begins to beckon, the cute skirts and dresses will be out to play! But with that, the time has come for the massive debates in our heads over if our skirt is appropriate or not for work. Fear not my fellow skirt loving ladies, I’m here to help you decide!

What is too short?

Sadly, for this question we have to go back to the dreaded high school dress code. Remember the days of placing your arms down straight at your sides and praying your skirt is as long as your middle finger so you wouldn’t get in trouble at school? You may want to try that before going to work as well. Traditionally anything just above the knee is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t ride up too far.

If your skirt is fuller and still short, there is more room for error. One gust of wind and the moon could be out early. With that being said, try having a longer fuller skirt and for the love of God wear some shorts underneath just incase!



What is too tight?

To sum it up quickly, if you can wear it to a club, you more than likely shouldn’t wear it to work. A tight pencil skirt CAN still be office appropriate, but play it on the safe side and have it a little looser. You should still have plenty of room to walk, and should not be doing the awkward shuffle to keep your skirt down.

Not Appropriate:


Is a maxi skirt too casual for work?

Not at all! It’s all about what you choose to wear with it. If you’re in an office environment, throw on a nice blouse or tank top and wear it with a blazer and an oversized necklace. If you’re working in a more casual environment, throw on a jean jacket. Styling pieces together is key to make a maxi skirt work in the workplace.



Not Appropriate:


Can I wear shorts to work?

I highly suggest not wearing shorts to work. As cute as it might be to wear a nice pair of sequined shorts with this new blazer you bought, avoid it at all costs. Some jobs are okay with their staff wearing shorts (usually those in the fashion industry), but 9/10 bosses do not find it acceptable to wear shorts to work.

Not Appropriate:


What About Tops/Blouses?

Spaghetti straps are the farthest thing from appropriate in the work place, same with any tops that shows your bra strap, cleavage, bra or bellybutton. Traditionally your shoulders should be covered, however some offices allow a thicker strap on shirts. Inappropriate sayings or logo’s are a no go, and some companies go as far as to prevent any logo’s on their clothing period! It’s times like these where you’re thankful for cardigans and blazers, but curse them for changing your outfit at the same time.



Not Appropriate:


At the end of the day, each workplace with have its own norms and accepted workwear. Always ask a manager or your boss what they consider workplace appropriate when it comes to fashion. It makes you look like you genuinely care about your job and that can never hurt you!

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