Hilary Duff Just Wore Short Shorts And The Internet Is Angry

Ladies and Gentlemen, repeat after me: Women can do whatever the f*ck they want with their bodies. Got it ? Good.

We know that there are dress codes for children in school which is complete bullsh*t most of the time anyways. Most dress codes allow boys to wear whatever they want, whereas girls aren’t allowed to wear shorts, have a tank top that’s less than two fingers wide and show any body part that can “distract the boys”. Apparently, these rules still stand and should apply to all women – specifically mothers.

Can someone explain to me why Kim Kardashian is praised for posting a naked selfie and Hilary Duff is ridiculed for wearing shorts to pick her son up? I’m not a mother, BUT I’m certain that what a mother wears does not influence whether or not they are a good mother. Alas, the internet obviously seems to think otherwise.

In the adorable selfie above, you can see that the 28 year old mother wore cut off denim shorts, sneakers, and a long trench coat. She was feeling herself as she should and captioned the photo:

Hey moms! I came up wth a semi cute outfit for school drop off! I usually roll in sweat pants or lulu lemons and look like a disaster but this morning I managed to throw something cute together and I thought would share. Cut offs or jeans. A light weight trench over a sweater or tee, cross body bag sneaks or booties and a pair of Sunnies! Now you try! Tag me in your photo😘😎✌🏻🌼(annnnd you don’t have to wear such a serious face haha)

Since the photo has been posted, it has been liked 117K times. While many were supportive, others questioned whether her outfit was “school-appropriate”. As a society, we fight every single day for female empowerment and yet – we still shame people for their outfits and make personality judgments on their outfits? STOP.

Hilary Duff is clearly a doting mother and her outfit won’t change that. This is a 28 year old accomplished singer and actress and you’re tearing her down for what she wears because it’s not “school-appropriate” ? How can we tell younger generations that the dress code is bullshit, but then also say that while we are fighting for you to wear whatever you want, you better ensure that your parents are dressed appropriately? The girl lives in California, it’s bound to get hot. I’d probably wear shorts every day to pick up my kid too if I lived there. Moral of the story? Do you and stop hating on others.

Luca doesn’t seem to be complaining and we all know it’s about the kids. This is someone who has grown up in the eyes of the public and is still one of my role models. Don’t tell me that what she wears makes her a bad mom or that it’s inappropriate. People can wear whatever the f*ck they want that makes them feel comfortable and confident.

Featured image via “HILARY DUFF” by mikelcain / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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